Get immediate customer feedback with a text message survey

Many businesses around the world today are using new communication and marketing methods to better reach their target market and boost their ability to connect with others who may be willing to buy their products or services. One of the most important ways to build a potent customer and employee relationship is by using communication methods other than email, phone, and letters – instead, many businesses now use SMS communications to gain better customer feedback and figure out how to alter their marketing and product innovation strategies!

Let’s see why many businesses have turned to SMS to quickly and efficiently reach out to customers. Not only can it be a successful part of every marketing strategy to reach higher customer satisfaction levels, but it can help other aspects of your business at the same time!

Top benefits of using a text message survey for customer feedback!

Cost-effective method

The first benefit of using text message surveys instead of other methods to gain customer feedback and learn about customer satisfaction levels is the cost-effectiveness of this method. Since it only requires a few cents to create an SMS marketing campaign when compared to other methods, like emails or phone calls, this method is more cost-effective for use in the long run. Not to mention, the open and read rates are much higher with SMS texts than other methods, meaning your customers are sure to get your message and take what you are trying to tell them!

Easy to set up

The second benefit of using a text message survey is the easy setup involved with this method. Since it can take a lot of time to send surveys, you can instead use the automation feature associated with SMS messaging so you can schedule the content with less time spent on composing the text and sending it.

Get feedback instantly

The next way you can use a text message survey for your benefit is by providing yourself and your business with instant feedback regarding your customers. You can learn what messages they open when they open them, and what messages are most likely to gain a response. By figuring out what makes your target market tick, you can figure out how to customize your marketing campaigns towards your ideal customer!

Higher response rates

The fourth benefit of using a text message survey is getting better response rates when compared to other marketing methods, such as letters, emails, and phone calls that eventually turn to unlistened voicemails. Studies have shown in the past that text messages and SMS texts have a much higher response rate than other channels – even more than 200% higher than other c!


To be successful as a business, you need to engage customers and make sure you are figuring out what they want! By using a text messages survey, you can determine what is working best in your industry, what you can change, and the most effective marketing methods for your specific business.

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