Full Moon Features

Walking through the woods on a lonely, dark, and terrifying night, all by yourself. The moon looked as full as it lit up the pathway of your journey. Little do you know that the footsteps you hear behind you keep receding. And within a span of minutes, you lose your breath and BOO! Amazing jump-scare isn’t it? We all love some good horrors and thrillers. Mostly because they’re so pleasurable and offers no real threat to us.

Evolutionary psychologists suggests that horror and thriller movies tap into the deepest and primal fears of our lives which explains the love for this genre of movies. They also weirdly socially formed in such way that we obtain a sort of kick out of these movies. Not only does the adrenaline rush make us absolutely entertained, but it also excites you to the core. For all of us who love some adrenaline rush, Full moon Empire, Inc has brought to you, Full Moon Features, your virtual ticket to a world of mind-blowing dark fantasies and horrors. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

What is Full Moon Features?

The app comprises of the best, blood-pimping, adrenaline rushing, horror’s, sci-fi, fantasy movies, cult movies, and many more mind-blowing thrillers to keep you up on your toes at all times.

All you got to do is browse or search by title for some extreme thrillers such as Full Moon’s classics, Puppet Master, Castle Freak, Blood Dolls, Subspecies, Evil Bong, Tourist Trap, and many more. These legendary movies from real-life underground labels and vintage experiences will sure blow your mind. All you got to do is subscribe today for the best thrillers and enjoy a circus of horror and blood rush.

All exclusive films and world premieres are now at your own fingertips. You might be travelling or at home, or with your friends. No matter where you are, you can always get involved with some of the best horrors out there.

Features of Full Moon Features

The features of the app comprise of the latest content that is added weekly to the app, create one account to enjoy all of your favourite content, and access all of the best content out there.

If you’re in the mood for some blood-rush, I suggest you get your HBP pill ready, because Full Moon will take you on a roller coaster ride of horror and thriller like you’ve never experienced before.

The strangest cinema genres are available for you 24/7 265 at the comfort of your own fingertips with no additional hassle whatsoever.

Buckle up for a world full of dark and mysterious fantasies that will keep you up on your toes and your eyes glued to the screen throughout! Do not blink to miss a single moment of horror gushing through your veins. Get your hands on the app now.

Install Full Moon Features on Android TV

There are many solutions developed to make Android TV application installation simple as much as possible. Earlier days we used hard to remember long download URLs typed on TV web browsers to install applications we want. Now we can use simple and easy to remember 8-digit code to install whatever the application we want within few seconds thanks to AppLinked app.

First download and install AppLinked apk on Android TV. Then use AppLinked code for Full Moon Features to access AppLinked store. Now select and install Full Moon Features on Android TV. There are many alternatives like AppLinked. For example, FileSynced, Aptoide TV and UnLinked.

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