Four Mistakes You Should Not Make During a Pending Divorce 

Every divorce is unique but a lot of divorces are complex. Thankfully, there are ways couples can improve their experience and increase the process’ efficiency. This involves avoiding the common mistakes that people make when going through a divorce. These include the following:

Ignoring the Importance of Having Legal Representation

Hiring Alabama Cheap Divorce Attorneys will help divorcing couples save money and shorten the divorce process. Also, it can make it stress-free. Divorce attorneys will file their client’s divorce petition, communicate with their ex and lawyer, develop a plan for property division and parenting time, as well as protect their rights and interests. Hiring a divorce attorney is especially essential if the couple can’t agree on all their divorce terms. If they fail to agree on matters like child custody, division of property, and child custody, they need an attorney to represent them.

Not Being Careful About What to Share Online

Divorce is a difficult process that can be emotionally draining. But, divorcing couples must resist the urge of posting their thoughts, experience, and feelings online. Regardless of how they may try to keep their posts private, they may still be accessed by a lawyer or private investigator. A spouse could up posting things that the attorney of their spouse can use against them. 

Living With a New Partner

Although you can decide to move on with your life with a new partner after you and your previous spouse split, getting into a new relationship in the middle of a divorce can affect divorce issues like spousal maintenance. If you get financial support from your new spouse, you may not be eligible to seek spousal maintenance from your previous spouse. Meanwhile, you may be able to strengthen your request for alimony if you live on your own.

Moreover, living with a new partner during a pending divorce is not a good idea if you want to protect yourself from divorce allegations. The courts may consider matters like adultery when they decide things like spousal maintenance. Also, the courts will consider your children’s welfare when determining custody. Living with a new partner immediately could work against you when it comes to custody because your ex may argue that introducing a new person into your children’s life can be damaging to them. 

Transferring Financial Assets

If you move around financial assets while your divorce is not finalized could make the other party or the court thinks that you are hiding them. This could get you into serious legal trouble. You could face serious fines and a perjury charge if you are found guilty of lying about your financial situation on the paperwork you have submitted. 

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