Five Best Copper Mining Companies in Ecuador

As a small country surrounded by regional powerhouses, Ecuador is sometimes undervalued in foreign economic growth, leading the international approach. While the progress in the natural resource sector, the country’s image has improved. Experts thought that Ecuador had become the world’s following top mining country. It may appear impossible to compete with neighboring mining market leaders like Colombia. However, investment and industry involvement options arise as quickly as they are picked up. It’s never been a better moment to learn something about Ecuador’s better future and become active in the market.

In copper mining, 99.99% of sheets of pure copper start with ore mining and end with cathodes. According to different chemistries, it includes two separate processes which go through with these forms of copper, such as ore, copper oxide, and sulfide. In Ecuador, copper mining is probably famous because of its ore and different shapes. So, here we listed the other best copper mining companies.

Aurania Resources in Ecuador

Junior copper mining companies like Aurania Resources Ltd. (TSXV: ARU) have services that they offer to their customers, such as exploration, analysis, procurement, and development of mineral property interests. In addition, this company gives benefits to Canadian and Ecuador citizens.

Moreover, the Warintza project is another excellent copper project in Ecuador that has been doing its exploration throughout the land exclusively.

Cornerstone Capital Resources

It is a mineral mining firm stalled in Canada with different projects and business setups in Ecuador and Chile. Their activities like exploration, acquisition and evaluation consist of one segment.

Its exploration projects include Miocene, Cascabel, Bella Maria, Cana Brava, and Vestas Grandes. They own a 20.8 percent market share in the exciting verification copper-gold project, funded to the point of an accountancy profession.

The project at Warintza South operated by Solaris Resources has recently made a significant discovery of mineralized copper porphyry.

Dynasty Metals and Mining (Copper Mining)

It was first established as a mining company in Canada and then Ecuador. It includes the exploration and development of mineral resources. Now, it has become concentrating on gold production and developed a project named as Zaruma Gold Project. But this company also has another advanced stage gold project called the Jerusalem Gold Project.

Lundin Gold Canadian Mining Company

In British Columbia, Vancouver Lundin is a Canadian gold mining firm headquartered. It is present in the southeast Ecuador region. The Company has owned 100% of the Fruta del Norte gold mine since 2019.

It is the world’s top gold mine. They offer international best practices and operate them in transparent manners.

Inv Metal (Largest Gold Project)

Here is another mineral resources company in Ecuador with their best working like acquisition, exploration, and development of precious and copper-nickel assets. The Company concentrates its efforts on developing and exploring the Loma Larga gold project in Ecuador, which it owns 100 percent.


When starting a business about copper mining, everyone is seeking the right informative site. It’s never been a better moment to learn something about Ecuador’s better future and become active in the market. The information before starting the business helps to move in direct directions. We hope this article will help you choose the best company for copper mining services.

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