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Biographical details of Taj Cross

He is an American actor, is most well-known for his character in the

role of Sam in the TV series PEN15. Taj was celebrating his sixteen

birthday on 11 February this year in terms of his age. The height of Taj Cross is pretty big for his age.

Career & Biographical details

Taj is an actor on the Hulu comedy show “PEN15” in the role of Sam. This

was his first role in acting in any form. In the same way, his character Sam

in PEN15 is an homage to Sam Zvibleman, one of the writers of the show

Sam Zvibleman. Recently, he began to paint just a few days after landing

his role on PEN15. Additionally, he appears alongside Anna Konkle and the

PEN15 makers Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle.

Additionally, ‘PEN15’ is an American film-based comedy web-based

television series developed by Maya Erskine, Anna Konkle, and Sam

Zvibleman. The series premiered on 8 February 2019 through Hulu

Network. In May 2019, Hulu transformed the series to a second season

with 14 episodes. The first part of the show will premiere just last week, on

18 September 20th, 2020.The show PEN15 is told by two seventh-grade girls from middle school

experiencing the awkwardness of being teenagers. Additionally, the film

was written by Sam Zvibleman, Andrew DeYoung, Daniel Gray Longino.

The ‘PEN15’ series is made by various producers, including Jeremy Reitz,

Don Dunn, Maya Erskine, Melissa Klein, Anna Konkle, Jordan Levin, Scott

Levin, Deborah Liebling, Brin Lukens, Brooke Pobjoy Marc Provissiero,

Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and many more.

Personal Life

Taj is only 16 years old and has not yet met anyone. Thus, he’s plenty of

time to find an honest and reliable partner for him. Unfortunately, we can’t

discover any details about his life’s personal information, relationships

history, or past relationships on the web. However, he’s likely to be single at

present. This is why he’s working on his career. This is why he’s so

committed to his career and his work.

Biographical details Julian Henry De Niro

Julian Henry De Niro (born 20 October 1995) is the child of the famous

Hollywood famous actor Robert De Niro. His maternal grandparents are favorite American artists Henry Martin De Niro and Virginia Admiral. The

mother of his son is also a renowned name in the field and is a model and

actress. She is Toukie Smith. Julian Smith was born in New York, the USA.

He has American citizenship. He is a quiet person and has a low profile on

social media. This is different from the majority of children raised by famous


Julian isn’t quite ready to start his career in the present However, his father

made his debut at the age of 20 in Brian De Palma’s film, The Wedding

Party, in 1963. Julian’s profession isn’t widely known. So, it’s not easy to

determine the value of his assets. However, his father is the estimated

worth $200,000, and he’s earned it from his profession.


Professional career Julian Henry did not follow the path of his father. In

In fact, he chose to go after a career as a model, just as his mother did. Julian

Henry De Niro’s Instagram photos show that he excels at modeling. He

loves traveling and spending time with his friends. At present, his

representation is with the modeling company Directions USA Models.

When speaking to People, Robert De Niro said that he does not force his

children to be actors. Learn more:

Dallas James Liu

Dallas Liu is an American actor with Chinese-Indonesian origins. He is set

to portray Zuko in the upcoming live-action version of Avatar the Last


Biographical details

Dallas Liu was born and was raised at home in Los Angeles. He has been

trained with his Japanese Shotokan style of karate and has competed on

the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA) circuit, and has

become an elite competitor at age seventeen and younger in all divisions.

Because of his exceptional abilities in martial arts, when he was seven

years of age, he was selected to play his role as a young Jin Kazama in the

acclaimed Tekken film series. Liu discovered a new love for acting and

decided to dedicate himself to the profession.

He is famous for Shuji Ishii Peters’s role in the Hulu comedy show PEN15.

Recent high school graduate Liu is now enrolled at a civil engineering

college. When he’s not working, he loves being with his children, taking

camping trips, and biking. In the off-season, Liu likes to surf and

snowboarding. Liu is currently living in Los Angeles. Los Angeles area.

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