Factors to consider when buying maize sheller machine

Maize shelling is an operation whereby the maize seeds are separated from the cob after harvesting. This activity can be done at the storage facility or in the field. Through this machine, the grain is separated from the cobs. The separation can be done either manually or automatically with power.

How The Maize Sheller Operates

The separating of the grain from the cobs can be done manually or with power. The foliage removal comes first and is mostly done manually. De-husking is important when applying on shellers. The cob moves the sheller’s end direction from the intake position in its operation. This movement enables the rubbing of the grain on the drum and the posses through the concave.

Working principle

The sheller machine uses a working principle with a roller that is rotated at high speed, hitting the maize and causing them to separate from the cobs. The machine is designed to work efficiently and make work faster and easier for the farmers and users. The operation principle of the sheller is easy, and many people can apply and understand it.

The cob and grains are separated with the help of the sieving pore. This initiates the removal of the cob from the rear of the sheller machine. To increase its working efficiency, the length of the roller and its diameter are modified.

What should you consider when operating?

During working, you need to pay more attention to the feeding rate. Feeding faster than the required rate may lead to overload, breakdown of the machine parts, or eventually affect the machine’s general running. Therefore, to achieve the required efficiency, you need to concentrate.

How to maintain the machine

Depending on the workload, the estimated time for its operation should be well managed between eight to ten hours. Your machine should be well handled, regularly inspected, adjustments done, and lubrication to ensure its durability and effectiveness when working. The servicing of the machine should be done at specific set intervals.

The choice of a reliable manufacturer or retailer is also important. Many individuals who choose cheap brands which may not be efficient end up regretting. Before buying, one should consider the machine’s quality and capacity over its brand.

The cost of the machine, when one compares to the running expenses, is a determination on whether to buy that machine. Sometimes a machine’s tagged price may seem cheaper but adding to its operation cost is expensive. The cost of the maize sheller varies depending on the availability of the spare parts, either locally or internationally.

How is the machine cleaned?

  1. The V-belt should not be exposed to acid and alkali substances.
  2. All machine parts should be opened first to clean the inside debris. This can be done through the opening of its bolts.
  3. Cleaning the machine’s wheels to remove mud and straw from all the driving belts.


Many advantages that come with the machine have made people prefer it in their agricultural activities. This is due to its working efficiency, effectiveness, and operation cost. The machine is useful in making work faster and easier, especially for the large-scale farmers of maize and agriculture.

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