Glasses were earlier considered a necessity to protect oneself from the sun’s glares. But, today, people treat them as fashion accessories that complete a look. Men’s sunglasses are a substitute for jewellery. Women can dorn different ornaments, but men are strapped for options. Hence, they use men’s sunglasses. This industry has undergone several changes in the past years.

If your sunglasses complement your face shape, they can define and accentuate your look. It is a significant factor that determines your final look. People can win notable style points if their sunglasses are in trend and uplift their ensemble.

Some classic sunglasses like the wayfarers have been around for years and continue to dominate the sunglass market. Other designs like the D-frame are also gaining traction among all age groups.


  • D frame glasses

As the name suggests, D frame glasses are shaped and have a beater and subtle look. They are making a comeback to serve somewhat classy and elegant looks among men. They also have an undeniable futuristic look which has become appealing to people. Fashion is taking strides in this direction. Numerous fashion brands focus on this aesthetic from Kanye West’s Yeezy collection to Jean Paul Gaultier’s couture.

  • Wayfarers

Wayfarers are classic glasses that have been in and out of trend numerous times. They have a rather hipster look and complement people with an easy-going look. These are old school glasses that have been tweaked to match the trends of today’s date without compromising their true vintage essence.

  • Wooden frame glasses

Wooden frame glasses have a thicker rim and are square-shaped. These are also classic and draw their inspiration from the 80s and 90s trends. Looking at different trend boards from 2021 and the times to come, we can see it is heavily inspired from the ’90s.

It was known as the fashion decade and saw some immense sartorial risks and design breakthroughs. Some of the world’s most popular models birthed distinctive styles during this time.

  • Rectangular frames

Nothing reeks spectacular men’s fashion than a pair of rectangular frames. They are classic, with a hint of contemporary. They are ideal for different weather conditions and suit all looks. Remember to invest in sunglasses that are trendy yet versatile.

  • Aviators

People can style their formal and casual looks with aviators. Remember the Rayban aviators that people could not get enough of? They are back in trend. They look sporty and have large frames. The oversized look can be a breath of fresh air sometimes and has unparalleled refinement.

  • The draper

The draper is slightly round and offers excellent style. It is meant for men who like to stand out from a crowd and endorse the latest trends.

  • Round glasses

Some people also call these the Lenon glasses because John Lenon always wore round glasses. They are another retro comeback among the futuristic styles. People can wear them on a day at the beach or while going for lunch with their friends. They look good on narrow and angular faces. However, round glasses are not everyone’s cup of tea because they can call for attention to one’s face.

  • Metal sunglasses

Lastly, metal sunglasses are adaptable and spiffy. They have an easy-going contact lenses online and are lightweight. They are akin to aviators.


The concoction above deals with sunglasses trending in 2021 and classic styles.

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