Everything You Should Know About Hublot Unico Magic Gold

Weddings and commemorative events require a matching suit and tie to wear and preparing for these events include having a watch to match. Wristwatches after all are a more formal and respectful way to check the time. But more often than not when we wear watches to such events we sometimes can’t help but worry if any scratches would leave a mark on gold timepieces. Or if we would damage the watch we carefully kept for fine occasions. Well, here’s the answer to making the event more enjoyable by being worry-free from the thought of unwanted scratches. Hublot’s Unico Magic Gold. If you have heard about Hublot’s Magic Gold but weren’t sure what it is about, we will take the liberty to explain just that with three features of the timepiece that you need to check out.

Magic Gold

Gold is the standard for elegance that’s why most luxurious items are made of it. But the problem with gold is its fragile surface. That’s why Hublot with its art of fusion, creates, never before used materials by fusing the best elements to develop better material. Most precious metals have a hardness of between 150- 400 vicars. Conventional gold like white rose and yellow normally have 150- 250 vicars of hardness. While extraordinary gold alloys have 400 vicars, and stainless steel has 600. But Hublot’s Magic Gold has up to 1000 vicars of harness which makes it invulnerable to wear and tear let alone scratches. Magic Gold changes the game. Magic Gold is crafted in Hublot’s very own science Lab to give you the elegance of gold plus the strength of titanium-like material. It shows how Hublot continually mixes comfort and luxury in ways no one would ever imagine possible, and only visible in Hublot Watches. The skeletonized dial is nothing short of a magnificent design to witness. The dial has gold indices and numeral markers. The central hands are in sword shape and gold color while the chronograph hand is a slim hand with a painted rep tip that goes all the way to the minute track. On the right side of the dial is a 60 minute counter in gold, while the outer layer of the dial is also adorned with gold numerals for the minute and red tracks.


Another definitive feature of the Unico Magic Gold that will catch your attention is the bracelet. The bracelet is a naturally vulcanized rubber strap from the very first shocking invention Hublot had of combining rubber and metal. To create rubber that doesn’t take in the smell of perspiration, while still having the comfort of rubber and durability of metal. Again Hublot’s signature of fusing comfort, quality, and luxury. But there is more to it. The bracelet has an easy press release function that disengages the strap from the lug, without you having to go to a jeweler or using special tools. This function allows the wearer to change straps for leather or deep cleaning of the watch. To put it back you only need to push the strap back in and it will give a reassuring strap.  This feature functions as an automotive seat belt quick release system. Finally, the bracelet is adorned with horizontal lines that add texture and lead in a titanium clasp with twin trigger releases.

The Mechanism

But for all its aesthetics outside, did Hublot forget to match what’s inside? The Unico Movement will be the answer to that. What Hublot did with this timepiece is something to behold. The Unico movement is visible through the case front and back. At the front, the case has two sapphire crystals. The outer crystal is in the typical position, while the inner crystal houses the hour, indices, center hands, numerals, and frames the Unico movement. Through the skeletonized design, you can see the column wheel motion at 6 o’clock as you press the chronograph’s upper pusher. And when you press the button pusher you will see the engagement and the disengagement of the lateral clutch is visible at7 o’clock. The chronograph also has a fly-back function that allows the wearer to time consecutive events, like recording running races or sports cars in races. Flipping the watch you can see that the case is back in the skeletonized dial. The design of the movement has a winding mass that allows other parts to be visible. The movement also has lubricated ceramic rudders barriers that are highly efficient and sealed for life. This Hublot caliber also has a silicon palate and escapement wheels to make it more durable.   Finally, the movement has 3 hours of power reserve and 100 meters of water resistance.

In a Nutshell

The aesthetic, function, and durability of the Hublot Unico Magic Gold is the combination of all Hublot has mastered in its years of producing avant-garde timepieces. With this timepiece, you can have a luxury sports watch that gives you ultimate comfort and no worries. If you want to check out Hublot Unico Models like this one be sure to visit Watch Shopping to get a closer look at the timepieces offered while being assured of authenticity and reliable customer assistance.

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