Everything About Coir Mattresses: The Construction, Benefits, and Cost

Have you been experiencing disturbed sleep at night for quite some time? Or do you wake up restless at night at frequent intervals? If yes, there could be a multitude of reasons behind this; nonetheless, your worn-out or inappropriate mattress type or the lighting of your room could be the underlying reasons.

For experiencing comfortable, cozy, pain-free, and uninterrupted sleep at night, it is advisable to sleep on the right type of mattress. However, with a wide variety of mattresses available, you might get confused about which one would be the best for you. But, fret not, we’ve got you covered.

One of those types of mattresses that prove to be a perfect mattress option for most people and help them sleep comfortably is a coir mattress. It is manufactured with coconut coir fibers combined with supplementary materials, such as outer cotton mattress cover and insulation padding. Each component of the mattress’s design, including coir fibers, plays an essential role in providing support, comfort, and cooling effect to your body – all of them work together to encourage a night of Orthomattress restful sleep.

The Construction of Coir Mattresses

The fibers of coir mattresses are extracted from coconut’s outer shell and are natural, short, and refined. Their processing is done dry, without any liquid. Once the processing is done, these fibers are covered with natural rubber (rubber tree’s sap) to create mattress padding. These fibers are utterly different from coconut fibers processed with water, which are generally used for creating garden accessories and supplements, and doormats.

Once the fibers are processed, the next step is defibering. It separates fibers from the plant’s spongy tissues called pith through a process of sorting and tumbling. Thereafter, these fibers are bound into a rope or a bale and are later made in rectangular shapes while being covered in rubber for manufacturing king-sized mattress.

Why Should You Choose a Coir Mattress? Know the Benefits

  1. Coir mattresses provide an excellent ventilation system. This helps in regulating your body temperature naturally.
  2. Coir mattresses have hygroscopic quality, meaning they absorb moisture present in the air quickly. Therefore, it is very comfortable and relaxing to sleep on a coir mattress.
  3. Due to its natural springy quality, a coir mattress provides exceptional support to your body, helping you sleep comfortably throughout the night.
  4. As these mattresses are manufactured with natural material, they make for an excellent mattress option for people allergic to dirt and dust. As coir has an anti-dust quality, it prevents allergies, provided the mattress is manufactured with natural coir.
  5. Coir mattresses are flame resistant. This feature of coir mattresses gives them paramountcy over conventional mattresses. If unfortunately, your house catches fire, your mattress would remain safe and in its original condition.
  6. Superior quality coir mattresses provide the required firmness and support to your body, helping you experience a perfect and sound sleep irrespective of your sleeping posture or position. Additionally, it helps maintain your spinal alignment and gives it the rest it needs.
  7. Coir mattresses are moth-proof as well as good insulators. With these mattresses, you will not get dust mites and bed bugs, which tend to trigger skin conditions like eczema or other types of allergic reactions. In contrast, it is no more a hidden fact that traditional or low-quality mattresses harbor such creatures. Therefore, coir mattresses make for a healthier alternative to conventional mattresses.

The Bottom Line

Now that you are well-versed with the construction and benefits of coir mattresses, you are ready to take your final decision. However, lastly, it would be essential to consider the price range and choose the brand carefully. Though the cost would vary across the brands, it wouldn’t be wise to compromise on the quality for a lower price. You can take a look at the products of the brands such as Duroflex, which have been in the industry for a few decades, and provide easy payment options like no-cost EMI along with superior quality mattresses. Head to their website to explore different mattress options and buy the best one for yourself.

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