Discover 5 Most Premium And Popular Crypto Coins From Kucoin In 2022

Crypto trading is difficult when you don’t know what the latest trends are; that is why we are here to help you overcome that. Kucoin is a cryptocurrency trading platform where you can sign up quickly and start trading for as low as a dollar. It is the largest social trading platform with over 10 million investors; that is not all about Kucoin; it also covers more than 200 countries and has one of the most sophisticated security systems to ensure the users’ assets remain only theirs. So now, let us talk about the top cryptocurrency coins you should aim for.

1. Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu coin is an excellent starting investment. Shiba Inu coin price are hovering at 0.00000767 USD per coin right now. On average, it has a 24-hour volume of 9.2 million US dollars and a market cap of 4.19 billion US dollars. While it started as a joke, it has skyrocketed in value to the point that it is considered a severe competitor of dogecoin.

2. DogeCoin

Dogecoin was started with a goal of a decentralized cryptocurrency in which people could invest and still have fun. During its peak, it shot high, and now it is among the hottest coins to buy. Currently, dogecoin price are at a stable 0.05102 US dollars for each currency, with a market cap of 6.72 billion US dollars and a 24-hour average volume of 12.5 million US dollars.

3. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the best investment choices if you want to keep your money safe. Ever since it went to the moon, it has stayed up. Its prices are currently stable at around 20220 US dollars per coin. Undoubtedly it has a huge market cap of 385.16 billion US dollars and a 24-hour volume of 574.71 million US dollars.

4. Ethereum

One of the essential choices for investment, Ethereum stands at a 1025 US dollar price for one coin, with a 24-hour average volume of 319.61 million US dollars and a market cap of 124.87 billion US dollars.

5. RioFuel

A new contender gaining success quickly, it went from 0.008494 to 0.021855 US dollars per coin, an insane amount of rising! It is also listed as a top gainer on Kucoin. Because it is a new coin, it has a max supply of a billion US dollars, with a market cap of 2.94 billion US dollars.


To end this article, we would like to advise you to do your thorough research when trading not to get scammed or taken advantage of. For this reason, we suggest using Kucoin, a great and safe platform for new and experienced traders alike, as it has well-trained people on its security teams who keep the systems constantly updated. Kucoin makes trading fun, easy, and rewarding; give it a shot!

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