Different Types of Heat Press Machines in Kenya and How Their Prices vary from Each Other

This article provides important information on how Heat press machines in the Kenyan market are different from each otherin terms of printing capability, unique features, and how they are used.

Thus leading to being classified as different types and leading to the difference in their prices across the Kenyan market

A heat press machine is a device designed in a way that it makes use of a combination of heat as well as pressure to apply different designs to garments and objects.

These machines are designed differently depending on the consumers’ taste, therefore, leading to differences in terms of performance and unique features leading tothe emergence of different types.

Clamshell heat press

This machine goes for Ksh.38000 in the Kenyan market which is seen as a fair price considering the heat press machine price in Kenya. This the machine is considered one of the best press machines to ever be seen in the Kenyan market it contains unique features which make it be characterized as a press machine with fewer steps to operate.

It is easy to operate and use and it occupies a very little space therefore it is highly consumed by small business people who are unable to access larger spaces or are limited to a small space.

It is comfortably used for printing clothing like t-shirts and it is highly discouraged from being used in thicker substances like tiles.

Swing Away Heat Press

This machine goes for Ksh.44500 in the Kenyan market and price is being seen to be a bit higher compared to clamshell.

This machine is considered to be the best in the Kenya market with a unique feature known as swing away which gives the user a chance to proper put the garment into position without risking being burnt.

Unlike the clamshell this machine requires a larger space thus it is more preferred to consumers who are not limited to space probably large scale business people.

It is unique also in a way that to operate it you need to apply more steps and it is a bit harder to operate as compared to clamshell.

It also allows substances that are thicker like tiles and mugs thus being unique from clamshell that never allows thicker substances.

Pull-out Drawer Heat press

It goes for about Ksh.50000 in the Kenyan market and is considered as a more expensive heat press machine in the Kenyan market compared to others.

It is considered to be the best machine with unique features of the lower plain being able to be pulled out towards the operator this feature allows the user to lay garments without risking to burn.

It requires a large space and therefore it is recommended for the business people that are not limited to space.

Portable Heat press

It goes for Ksh.20000 and is considered to be the cheapest heat press machine in the Kenyan market.

It has a unique feature in that it is not bulky and it is portable from one place to another. Therefore it is highly consumed by small business people as it can only perform a little task at a time.


From the above information it now clear that press machines are not the same as they poses different features and they are unique in performing tasks and therefore have different prices.

Therefore while choosing a heat press machine it is highly advisable to consider favorable features and affordable price to go for one.

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