Daycare or Preschool – What to choose for your kid?

Maybe your little one will find it more comfortable nestled in daycare, but if you think that it may be time to graduate to preschool, then there are some things that you might need to know. Maybe he/she spent his first year at home, or you are scouting to the best option for their classroom debut. Either way, you may wonder about the advantages of preschool outweigh those offered by good daycare centers? Not necessarily that is because the daycare centers and other preschools operate under some of the general educational guidelines, they are even licensed and governed by some of the state agencies, nowadays, the daycare centers often provide more than care, as they also over learning activities to prep kids for kindergarten. This usually means the curriculum might mirror a good and well preschool’s plus sending your child to daycare can cost about the same spending as preschool. Still, there are many differences that you notice between daycare and preschool. Consider these differences if you want to consider them before you choose any best play school in Gurgaon.

The very first difference between a Daycare and preschool is the hours. Public speaking preschools have shorter daily hours, and most of them are often close on holidays and for weekend breaks and the summers. Many preschools offer a camp for an extra fee and end the school year. With the preschools, you have to choose between half or full-day programs, and you need to enroll your child for at least two days each week. Daycare centers are much more flexible when it comes to hours. They tend to open early and close late to care for the working parents. Pus they are more likely than preschools to remain open year-round. Some of the daycare centers allow you to personalize your child’s schedule. Another difference is the Age requirements. Children from wee infants to grade scholars are welcome at many daycare centers, which means that you can give them a chance to socialize with bigger kids and around babies. Many preschools generally accept the kids aged between 3 to 5 plus age groups also tend to be separated in preschools, and there is only one classroom for three years old and another for 4 and 5 old kids.

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Many preschool programs are more learning and based on a particular approach for teaching. Many states have significantly higher education standards for preschool teachers and directors than those at daycare centers so that preschool staff may have more oriented training programs for kids. If you are also a parent who is confused between choosing the best daycare in Gurgaon or preschool for your kid, then you can check our Leens Nestling, which is a well-oriented and functional education center for your kid. They have many carrier-oriented programs for kids and have the best faculty. Hence the above consideration and points will help you choose the best education center for your kid.

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