Content Marketing Methods for Beginners

Content marketing is an incredibly useful resource when trying to build a business or brand. Harnessing the right tools can make your business a great success, it can seem daunting when you’re a beginner but there are a few tips we can offer to make it easier. The other option is to hire a marketing agency to help you place your brand in the right position. Finding one that caters to your needs is as simple as searching ‘marketing agency London’. However, if you’re looking to learn how to start content marketing, continue reading for some helpful information.

Knowing Your Platforms

The first step to take is understanding the platforms you’ll be using as a content marketer. There is a wide range of options to market your content and each form of media has benefits and drawbacks. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the leading social media platforms of the moment. However, each one has a different algorithm so just because one post yields a lot of engagement on one of them, doesn’t mean this is transferable to another one. For example, a TikTok post that goes viral may fall flat as a reel on Instagram. Aside from social media, there are many other forms of content marketing such as blogging, videos and podcasts.

What Methods Should You Use As A Beginner?

Whilst there are suggested methods to start off your marketing journey, the finer details really depend on your brand goals and positioning. However, there are some universal steps that successful content marketers will take when first starting.

The first step we recommend taking is to decide on your brand narrative and where you’d like to position yourself. By establishing this early on, your content will be rooted in a strong place and it will seem authentic to your audience. If you don’t decide this before you start content marketing, your content may seem disjointed.

Once you’ve decided on these aspects, another step you could take is establishing who your target audience is. You can then do further research into your chosen demographics and find out what previous content has worked for your competitors. Deciding who to target is an important step as your content will be created using language and visuals that would resonate with them. Arguably having a clear target audience is one of the most basic fundamentals of content marketing.

Now it’s time to decide on your content marketing goals. What do you hope to get out of content marketing? Whether it’s getting more information to develop a product, more sales or more brand awareness, this is also important to decide as this will steer your content in a specific direction. With your goals, you can then start drafting an action plan and planning your content!

We then move to the fun part which is content creation, designing your content and writing copy to compliment it is of course the most important part. Make sure to get creative and have fun with it, after all, it’s the best part. Canva and photoshop will be your best friends, make sure to harness all the helpful free tutorials online.

Once you’ve created and published your content, you’ll then need to analyse your results. Conducting a proper analysis of reach and engagement will help you decide what to change and keep about your content. There may be a certain part that your audience is clearly loving, and also aspects that are a bit slow to yield results. Make sure to give it time so you can have a wide representation, but the analysis is definitely not a step to skip!

Overall, content marketing is primarily about getting creative and making content that’s going to help you reach your brand goals and your audience are going to enjoy. There are no strict rules to follow as every business varies in what works and what doesn’t. That being said, be sure to be methodical in your content creation and publishing!

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