Choosing a Web Hosting to suitable for your website

Choosing a Web Hosting to suit your website

Because nowadays there are many web hosting. How do we have a way to choose Web Hosting? Because it is easy to open and at present, there is also an option to rent a machine. Which makes you do not have to pay a lot as well. The main issues in choosing Web Hosting are:

  1. Stable company, with a certain identity, can contact Team Support because when the Server crashes or has a problem, we will be able to contact the information administrator our anytime
  2. Server version where
  3. Server user-friendly language that we use. And enough for the application or not, for example, if using HTML, PHP, Flash language, it should be chosen as a Linux Server because it is cheaper and the feature is worth more (no license fee for windows).
  4. Price and Package suitable for our website is to choose the area that we will use

What is web hosting?

Space for storing data such as HTML, images, programs on a “Web Server” which is connected to the Internet 24 hours a day (24 hours / 7 days) web Hosting serves to distribute our web pages to the internet for others to visit. Web Hosting will connect to the Internet all the time to provide services when retrieving information from the stored Web Site. It also serves Using email or scripts, etc.

Before you choose Web Hosting, you should consider your website and what type of website you are in order to be able to choose the hosting and managed web hosting that meets your website needs.

Hosting located locally or internationally

To consider who the target audience is that will come to your website? If you are a domestic customer, you should choose Hosting located in the country because when customers click to see information on your website. It will be able to access information faster. No need to run to find information abroad. But if your customer is a foreign customer, you should choose Hosting that is located abroad. For customer access, you will be faster than having to look at the information stored at Hosting in USA.

Storage size must be sufficient with the information of the Web Site prepared.

Usually, 5 MB of space is enough to run a normal business website with pictures and information Unless you have a lot of data such as image data or document files that will allow customers to download multiple items and each file is large You may need more space. And some places will bring the E-mail storage area to be combined with the storage area of ​​your website. This may cause the space of your website to be insufficient to use because it must be used in conjunction with E-mail, which must be checked with the service provider before deciding to use E-mail Box separate from the web storage space or not? Most of which, if combined you may need at least 15 MB of Host space.

Will there be any web programming on your website?

If your website is using web programming such as web boards, mailing list programs, or database programs, you should check daily backups with the hosting provider that the server of What OS is it? If it’s Windows, it can be used with Programming languages ​​include ASP, PHP, Perl, but if it’s UNIX, it can only use PHP, Perl, or some of you may want to use a security system. It may be necessary to use the service. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data security system, which is suitable for E-Commerce websites

After knowing what your website needs then let’s see what a good hosting choice should be based on?

  1. Performance of the Server that uses the Host

You should check before the specs of the server that will come to host your data, how powerful is the CPU, RAM, or Hard disk, because it will play an important role in the performance and service of the Server, which if You choose a low spec server may be cheaper high spec machine But the performance and speed of service will also be reduced.

  1. Number of customers per server

Ask the Hosting that provides services how many customers per one server of their machine, which a good hosting must have to determine the number of customers and support for the service per 1 Server in order to be able to support the use of each customer’s work efficiently. (The number of customers per server will depend on the efficiency of the server)

  1. Speed ​​of data transmission a good Web Hosting must have the ability to transmit data quickly.

If you’re hosting is located at an ISP with a large internet connection It will help make the transmission – sending information from your website to your customers faster.

  1. Web Hosting data backup system

A good Web Hosting data backup system should have a daily backup system to prevent mistakes that may occur until the data of the Web Site is lost.

  1. Amount of data that can be received – transmitted (Bandwidth)

Some hosting have a limit on the amount of data sent to and from your website in which some places will be able to receive unlimited transfers Or some places may be set, for example, per month, the amount of traffic of your website is 500 MB, which if exceeded, may be charged additionally for the amount of data traffic increased.

  1. Number of e-mails that can be used

Check that the area you rent He will have an E-mail service for how many E-mails are given to you by you can set the E-mail name as you want.

VPS Server VPS service

Virtual Private Server or called VPS is a replica break Server performance into Server Virtual Number One Server virtual each of these is called the Virtual Machine and work with virtual Dedicate Server the VPS web hosting each machine is isolated. Work completely apart can install OS or programs freely. In addition, if one of the VPS is damaged. It will not affect the operation of other VPS in the system.

Advantages of VPS Servers

Higher efficiency and more stable than Shared hosting because it doesn’t have to share usage with anyone like using Shared Hosting service. Provides more privacy than Shared Hosting and is more flexible because of the ability to modify configurations of much software as you like, such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc. Very economical compared to the price of Dedicated Server, but with similar performance.

Has its own independent IP Address

VPS is ideal for medium-sized businesses that require high stability and security. or resource-intensive websites.

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