Choosing a Heat Press Machine: All You Need To Know

Heat pressmachines were designed to make heat transfer, also known as thermal wax heating or thermal printing possible. This is the process of printing some graphical art on surfaces like mugs, t-shirts, plates, and many more.

This article highlights some of the features of a heat press machine that you ought to know and consider when buying a heat press machine to kick off your business.

Modernity seems to cut across almost every aspect of our lives. The art industry can’t stand a chance to be left behind in this beautiful evolution. As simple as it may sound, printing graphical designs on surfaces by use of heat is in itsway complicated. Thanks to technology that gives life to all the current say wonders.

Heat press machines have been an important tool not only to make heat printing possible but also effective. Needing a heat press, here we go with a list of all you should know and consider when purchasing one.


Depending on your intended purpose of the heat press machine, you should familiarize yourself with the types of heat press machines. There are two main types of heat presses; clamshell and the swing-away heat press.

A swing-away heat press can press thicker items than the clamshell. It also features an upper platen that swings away thus increasing the production rate while reducing time wastage. It is, therefore, best suited for large-scale premises. For newbies in the business could be well suited to the clamshell which is beginner-friendly.


Quality has to be one of the considerations to avoid poor services. Although heavy heat presses are thought to be durable and of high quality, this is just one of the factors determining quality. Most of them are made of steel for high-quality purposes although cast aluminumalloy-made presses could offer beat quality at a lighter weight.


Based on other factors like quality, size, and many more, the heat press machines price in Kenya will always vary depending on these factors. For example, lightweight machines are cheaper than high-quality machines. Therefore, it only depends on your budget for a heat press machine.


Heat press machines come in various sizes suited for different sizes of business premises. Depending on the size and purpose of your business, you can choose from various sizes available. For small-scale businesses, you may opt to go for a smaller machine as compared to one that has a large business.

Pressure and temperature

For any good quality machine, it has to have even pressure distribution. It also has to have an accurate temperature. To make the printing successful, the machine should have the correct temperature settings.

Ease of use.

You should consider a machine that is easy to use. This is on the bases of its controls. Your heat press should be easy to close and open easily. You should also be able to perform any temperature and pressure adjustments easily and correctly.


Heat press machines are important as they help improve the fashion and art industry. Therefore, there is a need for the best machine to make your thermal printing business successful.

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