Changing Face of the Moving Industry

The moving industry has seen a huge transformation in the last decade. Like all other industries, technology has taken over this industry too. The executives of professional moving companies are getting aware of the changing needs of their clients and they are adding all the necessary technologies and changes in their companies. The moving industry is growing rapidly as unlike before people and companies are hiring professionals even for a small move. It has grown and changed in more than one way. Here we will discuss the changes that occurred in the moving industry and how these changes and transformations have helped the industry to become more customer-friendly.

Technology Savvy

Most moving companies have adopted technological tools to serve their clients better and faster. Technology has changed the moving industry for the good as their work has become much convenient than before. Both moving companies and clients are getting benefits of faster and simpler service that is also cost-effective. In modern times from the best state to move to, to the best moving company, people search everything online. So most reputable professional moving companies have their website where they provide all the information related to their company and services. Following are some of the latest technologies that have completely changed the working style of the moving industry.

GPS- The emergence of GPS technology has changed the whole scenario of the moving industry. No matter if it is a residential move or commercial or supply chain, every client wants transparency and the whereabouts of their goods and GPS technology has made it possible. People can track their move at any point in time during transit.

Mobile Apps- Most companies are providing mobile apps to have a better customer experience. The client can simply log in to the app and get all the information just at a click of their finger. Customers can get estimates and book the service by using company apps. Real-time tracking is also one good feature of these apps. Mobile apps are not only beneficial for the customers but are also helping company employees to organize and streamline their work well.

Artificial Intelligence- moving companies provide 24×7 services to their clients with the help of chatbots and artificial intelligence. Chatbots are software that companies are using to provide the accurate and right information at all times. They act like humans and build clients’ trust in the company by answering all their queries.

Digital Payments- The other big change that the moving industry has seen is the use of digital payment methods including internet banking, instant money transfer apps, and debit/credit card. Digital transactions have become very popular in the recent past as it is safe to pay online and keep track of your payment.

Better Regulatory Compliance

The moving industry has never been so regulated as now. Companies are stressing more about industry regulations, compliance, and administration. Both companies and customers are getting aware of their rights and responsibilities towards each other and their collective responsibility for compliance has made moving easier for them. Financial transparency, GDPR, working license, permits, industry regulations, and legal obligations are some of the common compliance that companies are following religiously.


In modern times, people are on a move all the time. For one reason or the other, most people move more than once in their lifetime. No matter if they are moving due to professional or personal reasons; they need a reputable moving company to transport their goods from one place to another. People also need moving companies to transport their commercial goods and businesses need them to run their supply chain smoothly. Moving companies have become more flexible in terms of their services as noted by

Better Customer Services

We cannot deny the role of technology in providing better customer services but moving companies are working hard on keeping their clients happy by hiring skilled and experienced moving executives. Companies are not only working to make a profit, they are also trying to earn goodwill and good reviews from their clients. The logistics and moving industry have always earned a bad name in terms of services as moving frauds have always been a common thing. But the modern moving industry is trying to change this perception by staying transparent during the whole moving process and by providing the best after-the-move services.

Expanded Portfolio

Most moving companies have expanded their portfolio of services. In general, a logistics company is an expert in one or two kinds of moving services. For instance, if a company is good in domestic and residential moves, it may not be able to provide commercial moving services. But, most companies are providing their employees for multitasking and to be ready to assist their clients in all the ways possible.

The above-said changes have dramatically changed the working style of the moving industry and both companies and clients are taking advantage of this changing phase.

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