Cars and Coronavirus: Is This the Right Time to Buy a New Car?

The Covid-19 pandemic during the initial months had imposed many restrictions in our lives. However, these restrictions were gradually lifted across the country. People began moving out of their homes either for work or pleasure. While it seemed like things were returning to normalcy, following the precautions and risk measures have become a norm these days. As a result of following the precautions to protect themselves, many individuals are contemplating purchasing a car to follow social distancing diligently. However, they are wondering whether it is a good time to purchase a car.

Is it a good idea to purchase a car during the pandemic?

Yes, purchasing a car during the pandemic can be quite beneficial for an individual. Protecting yourself from the risk of Covid-19 is a priority these days. However, relying on public transportation for travelling during a global pandemic may not be the most optimal solution and increase the risk of contracting the virus. Along with this, it may put your life and your family’s life in danger.

However, if you own a car of your own, you will not have to rely on public transportation for travelling and protect yourself from the virus. Along with this, you can easily buy a car online and schedule a test drive at your preferred location. As many car insurance companies are offering amazing car insurance plans online, getting insurance for your car is also just a few clicks away. Car insurance companies in India have made the process of getting online car insurance easy for customers. For instance, the TATA AIG car insurance claim process is quite simple and easy.

Things you should keep in mind if you’ve decided to buy a car during the Covid-19 pandemic:

While buying a car during a pandemic can be quite beneficial, it is important to keep certain things in mind before purchasing.

But how do you go about buying a car? For this, you must draw out a budget and understand your budget. Once you have understood your requirements, you can begin your search for the vehicle. You can search online and through dealerships to find the best possible vehicle. You must ask for a test drive before purchasing the car. There are also a lot of good websites available that can help you purchase a car. Among them, the two most preferred websites in the country are CarDekho and Autoportal.

There are several cars available in the market that are optimal purchases. To select the best car, you must chalk out your requirements first and then look through the options available based on your budget and preferences. Some of the best cars available in India are TATA Nexon, Ford Figo, Hyundai Elite i20, Toyota Innova Crysta, Honda City, etc.

  1. Your requirement of a car: You must purchase a car if you have been planning to purchase one for a long time. If you have been saving your funds to purchase a car of your choice, you must go ahead with the purchase. If you have to step out of your home frequently for work, it is better to purchase a car of your own rather than opting for public transport. However, if purchasing a car is not a necessity for you, you can avoid purchasing a car for the time being.
  2. Saving opportunities available on the car: With the pandemic, the entire country had gone into lockdown for an extended period. It caused a steep fall in the sale of cars. Therefore, to clear the cars they had, car companies and dealers offered heavy discounts on car prices. Therefore, if the car of your preference is available at the moment for a discounted price, then you should buy it as soon as possible.
  3. Purchase the car at a showroom or online: With the onset of the pandemic, it is better to research the different cars available online and shortlist a few that match your suitability online. All car manufacturers have a website to look through the different specifications and features with a 360-degree view. Then, if you want to test drive your car, car dealers can set up a test drive at a location suitable for you. Then, you can purchase a car that meets your requirements and is cost-effective.
  4. When to put off the purchase to buy your preferred car: Car companies have launched a ton of competitive car models in the market. Before you select a car, you must look through the different car models available in the market. You can look through the different options available like hatchbacks, sedans, or SUVs. However, if you’ve already set your eyes on a car that is yet to be launched, then you should wait and purchase it once it has been launched.
  5. A second-hand car would be a better option: While travelling in public transportation is quite risky during the pandemic, purchasing a new car can also not be a feasible option financially. Therefore, if you have financial limitations and still want to avoid travelling on public transport, you can look into purchasing a second-hand car. Second-hand cars are affordable solutions, and individuals can easily find a stable second-hand car as good as new at a lower price.


Thus, as the Covid-19 pandemic  persists, purchasing a car has become a requirement for many individuals. Moreover, various car dealerships and companies are looking to clear out their stock. Therefore, the decision to buy a car is quite optimal as the cars can be purchased at a lower price. Along with this, many insurance companies in the country are offering motor insurance online, making it easy for customers to buy the car and the insurance for it from the comfort of their homes.

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