Can You Drink Alcohol After Lasik?

Lasik is a kind of eye surgery used to correct refractive errors in the eye. It is also known as laser refractive surgery. It is done with the help of lasers to reshape the cornea. You now must be thinking that we have heard the word “cornea” But what is it? Haha, so the cornea is the outer transparent layer of your eye. It enables light to go inside your vision so that you can see objects around you. There are many eye surgeries, but Lasik is the most common. Around 40 million people have had this surgery worldwide. Now know why one should go for Lasik surgery when glasses and contacts can be a good option.

 There must be some reasons to have Lasik surgery. You can not take the surgery for not so big vision problems. You need to consult your doctor before having surgery. They will not only tell you about your eligibility for Lasik surgery but will also let you know about the condition of your eye. Whether you should go for surgery or not. Some of the reasons in which you should not go for the surgery are: If someone is under 18, they cannot go for the surgery, pregnant women cannot take surgery during and after some time of pregnancy, if you are on any medications from a long time then you should avoid Lasik surgery, if you have faced a lot of changes in your vision problem in recent times, if you are facing other medical issues like diabetes, arthritis then you should avoid Lasik.

Before and after precautions for Lasik surgery play a vital role in your eye condition. You should not intake caffeinated products before and after your Lasik treatment (Visual Aids Centre) as it can dry out your eyes. At the time of surgery, your eyes need to be hydrated. It will give better results of surgery. Try not to touch your eyes after treatment. Stay away from soaps and shampoos for a day to avoid chemicals. Avoid screens after surgery for the time being to give proper rest to your eyes. Avoid pool swimming as it may take time for your eyes to heal. Avoid driving after surgery because sometimes you may get blurry vision which could be dangerous driving. Don’t apply makeup for a week or so. These are some after-surgery precautions you should take to get better results.

It would be really helpful to you if you look for some precautions before surgery to bring out the best possible surgery results. Try not to wear contact lenses before two weeks or so, as contacts can change the shape of your cornea. And there might be a difference between when your doctor tests your eyes to when you go for surgery which could be dangerous. Avoid using perfumes, makeup, solutions, creams, and so on before the day, you go for the surgery. Avoid caffeinated product intake before Lasik treatment. Coffee and other caffeinated products can increase the dryness of your eyes.

When we talk about taking precautions before and after surgery, the most crucial question that hits to mind is whether we can have alcohol after Lasik? Though there might not be a big concern about drinking alcohol for Lasik surgery, there are some restrictions on drinking these drinks. Alcohol is something you should avoid the day or night before because before surgery; you have to take an anxiety pill that may react with alcohol. A person starts feeling drowsiness, which can lead to the cancellation of surgery. If you stop consuming alcohol a week prior, it will help you maintain your eyes’ hydration. If you

consume alcohol, it can lead to dehydration of your eyes. So, not only before treatment, it is prohibited, but after treatment also, you should avoid alcohol intake. Alcohol consumption will not help you heal after surgery. It also can cause Detroit eye condition. Try to maintain hydration of the eyes by drinking water and other fluids.

You must be having questions. If this treatment demands so many precautions and care, why should we go for this surgery? Glasses and contacts are also suitable substitutes for Lasik treatment. But there are many reasons for which Lasik surgery is best suited. Let’s see how?

  1. You cannot wear glasses and contact all the time. And as you remove these substitutes, you might see a blurry vision or any vision problem.
  1. Glasses and contacts won’t correct your vision problem. It will help you to deal with your vision problem more cheaply.
  1. Though you have to follow many precautions before and after surgery, these are the one time things to follow later in your life, and your daily routine will be easy and convenient.
  1. Though it is a costly treatment compared to glasses and contacts, it is a one-time investment. To maintain drinks and connections, you need to spend again and again, but this is not the case with Lasik surgery.
  1. Though we had come far beyond the days when glasses were unusual, it was meant as your priority. Which we don’t see these days but still looks matters. One who has to wear glasses all the time can sometimes feel embarrassed.
  1. Wearing glasses and contact is a bit uncomfortable as you might feel itchy in summers. It’s awkward with masks after covid-19. Working all day long with contact and glasses can be tiring.
  1. After Lasik surgery, you will be active in comparative glasses and lenses. Athletes or army officers don’t wear glasses as they won’t be able to manage them with their lives. So, glasses and contacts don’t suit many professions.

This is how Lasik Treatment is much more effective even after some complications of precautions. Don’t be in a rush after surgery to lead your daily life. Give your eyes proper time to heal. Plenty of sleep and rest help you to recover in a better way. We all know how much looks matter in our lives, so don’t take a risk with them. 

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