Breitling Watches: From Humble Beginning to Fame

Breitling watches have been renowned because of their unique and precise quality. The designs show a long-lasting appeal to potential owners. Each timepiece was crafted with care and craftsmanship to the watch industry from the day Breitling introduced the first-ever collection in 1884.

Its simple yet quality designs made a positive impact on how it was renowned. Even embarked a name on the industry where they debuted their iconic collections of Breitling Navitimer in 1952. Not just that, they also have made a name in the industry through their other collections, such as the SuperOcean, TransOcean, and Chronomat.

The Breitling: History and Heritage

The dawn of the Breitling watches started in a factory in Switzerland in 1884. Leon Breitling was the owner of Breitling that created wristwatches and marks in history. At first, he produced watches that are mainly for pilots. It was the time in which chronograph watches were in high demand.

As the competition became tougher, Breitling created one that would stand out among his competitors. He even received awards for the simplified models of watches. It became widely renowned not only in his country but across the world as well. Thus, the Breitling watch became one of the popular brands in the industry.

Famous Breitling Watch Models

Breitling has over one watch brand available in the market. Overflowing with so much demand, people have been using this as a superb partner and timekeeper.

Well, giving out some ideas, here are three of the watch models that have been renowned by many today.

Breitling’s Pilot Watch

One of the renowned watches of Breitling is its Navitimer Chronograph watch. This watch is a combination of navigation and timer, mainly helpful for people in the aviation industry.

Well, mentioning its capability, it has more functions and features than other watches have. First is that it allows the user of its calculations on the consumptions of fuel, its speed, and even on the climb or descent aspects. It comes with a computer-like slide bezel perfect for calculations.

Breitling’s Avenger Watch

Like the other watch models of Breitling, this watch also supports the aviation industry. Known as a high-quality watch, it also has a bezel that could do calculations by rotating.

Professionals have been satisfied, as this comes with significant help in their careers. Can also be used whether wearing gloves despite their smooth edges.

Not just professionals, individuals in the sports industry and those in casual could enjoy walking around with it, as it complements well to them in any way.

You can choose from its designs, straps, and layouts as it comes with an array.

Breitling Colt

Unlike the first two, this might be the watch that comes at a lower price. It is perfect for those who want to own a quality watch without breaking the pot. Though only a few have known about this before, it is still a breakthrough, as it mainly supports a military watch.

This watch has the same quality materials as Breitling’s Pilot and Breitling’s Avenger watch. Despite its price, it assures the same capability other models have. It features a water-resistant up to 650 feet with a movement certified by the COSC.

This brand of watch has models both for men and women. It also offers a wide variety of designs to choose from

bringing your confidence up when worn.

Breitling’s Journey and Company Goals

Saving Lives

There is nothing more unique than a watch that could save lives. It was designed to keep you on track of time and help you during some unexpected situations. This watch comes with a dual-frequency locator, which could help you be found easily.

As time passed by, its number of users increased. Beyond that, it managed to save lives because it can track the owners’ current location.

Super Quartz

With its precise mechanical movement, it was renowned by many when introduced in 2001. It was very accurate compared to standard watches, in which it is the only quartz movement to pass the COSC certification.

Collections with this feature include the Breitling Professional, such as Exospace B55 Connected Model, and the Breitling Galactic.


Like what we have said, this watch achieved the certification on COSC. All their products have been tested and certified by the COSC. The organization ensures that it is made from high-quality materials. Be it quartz or mechanical, the watch will surely be of its best performance. It has already passed the COSC testing, unlike others.

Famous Personas using Breitlings

Because of its high standard of quality and performance, it was renowned by famous individuals worldwide. Some of the highly respected individuals who wear Breitling timepieces include Chris Paul, who enjoys using Breitling for Bentley’s watch.

David Beckham has also been a proud Breitling Transocean user since 2012, which made him one of its ambassadors later on. Aside from him, Henry Cavill loves to use the Breitling Avenger watch, where he often uses this as a timekeeper of his meet and greets or press conferences.

Leonardo DiCaprio is also the top user of the watch brand. He even used the Breitling Chrono Avenger as his wrist partner in his movie Blood Diamond.

Last, the famous Simon Cowell also had been an avid fan of Breitling watches. He was seen using some timepieces on the brand on his shows, specifically the Breitling Navitimer.


Breitling watches have been a truly renowned watch since then. It is not just a simple watch but a high-quality timepiece that could withstand various situations. The fact that it has been used by renowned individuals and even passed various tests makes it one of the best watches worldwide.

Well, learning about the Breitlings watch, you can discover more of its unique and quality watch collections. Many sellers are offering branded watches but always choose authentic ones. Breitling watches will continue their steadfastness to reach the topmost part of its success. The stories it has behind will still be present in today’s history, never be erased or forgotten.

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