Best Tips for Writing an Essay on an Economic Topic

Writing essays is an important part of learning economics. To get a high grade, you need a strong theoretical base in the subject, erudition, observation skills, the ability to analyze, and also to express your thoughts on paper. We have prepared some tips to help you prepare for this assignment.

Task description

The task is that the student needs to write an essay based on one of the proposed topics, or choose the one himself or herself. Each topic corresponds to a certain block from economics. When disclosing a topic, it is necessary to operate with concepts, terms, and categories of the block to which the selected topic belongs.

Stick to the economics essay structure

The essay writing algorithm includes mandatory elements and stages, the completion of which will help to get the highest grade:

  • Introduction to the topic
  • Disclosure of the essence of the topic
  • Personal view of the problem being disclosed
  • Theoretical argumentation
  • Practical reasoning
  • Conclusion

It is worth starting with a competent selection of a topic. If you have a favorite block in economics, then select a topic from it. If not, or the topic does not allow you to fully show your knowledge, then it is more convenient to make a choice as follows: choose several suitable terms for each of the topics and dwell on the one that is easier to develop.

Next, you should clearly describe the problem and its relevance, reveal the main idea of the topic, your attitude to it, show whether you agree with the main point or not, and why. This is the main condition for successfully writing an essay.

From the ideas that you described, you need to formulate several theoretical judgments (at least two), describing them with appropriate scientific terms and concepts. At this point, you must demonstrate your theoretical basis on economics, so try to remember the appropriate definitions, functions, and characteristics.

After the theoretical argumentation has been completed, you need to support everything written earlier with practical examples. Sources for this can be examples from economics. It is important to remember that the factual arguments must come from different sources – that is, if you described your life experience, it is worth using an economic summary as an example.

The conclusion summarizes all written text. It should be written that the examples and arguments help to understand the essence of the topic, and here, you should retell the introduction in your own words to show once again that you understood the topic.

Stick to the rules for essay writing

Let’s recall the main points to keep in focus when writing an essay:

  • Semantic unity – each sentence should be related to the previous one, and you cannot abruptly switch from topic to topic.
  • Use proven facts and understandable terminology – use only the concepts and facts that you are sure of the accuracy. If you refer to a fact with an error, you will not get a good grade.
  • Avoid being distracted from the given topic – the idea should be disclosed in full and in detail, while keeping the main idea in focus. For this it is better to draw up a plan and follow it.
  • Argue judgments and conclusions – each idea needs to be confirmed both theoretically and practically.
  • Use quotes and examples confirming what has been written – the argumentation should correspond to your statements, not contradict them, but convince the reader of the correctness.

Format tables correctly

Tables are used for better clarity and ease of comparison of indicators. The name of the table, if any, should reflect its content and be be precise and concise. The name of the table should be placed above the table on the left, without indentation, in one line with its number separated by a dash.

The table must be placed in the text of the essay immediately after the text in which it is introduced for the first time, or on the next page. When referring, you should write the word “table” and indicate its number.

Format formulas and equations correctly

Formulas and equations must be formatted in accordance with requirements. Formulas and equations should be separated from the text on a separate line. Place a blank space above and below each formula or equation. If you need an explanation of the symbols and coefficients, then they are given immediately below the formula in the same sequence in which they appear in the formula.

Make the list of used sources correctly

The sources used in the process of preparing the essay should be presented in alphabetical order and numbered. Books in this list must contain the names and initials of the authors, the full title, place and year of publication, the name of the publisher, and the number of pages in the book. The list of sources used includes regulations, monographs, textbooks, study guides, articles, and electronic sources.

You now know how to write an essay on an economic topic correctly. Don’t be afraid of this assignment – as you can see, there is nothing difficult in it. The main secret here is to choose the topic you understand. Good luck!

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