Benefits of Leadership Program: Overview and Reasons

It is fair to say that capable leaders elevate the organization they work in are instrumental in its success.  However, everyone is not naturally a leader. That does not mean that they cannot lead – anyone can develop their leadership skills by taking the help of a coach or enrolling in a leadership coaching program.

Leadership coaching is a partnership between a leader and coach that helps a leader to develop their skills in being able to tackle problems and lead a team to its stated goal successfully. A coach works one on one with a leader to identify their strengths and use these to lead effectively. The coach will also help a leader identify their weaknesses and work on improving in these areas.

Organizations are aware of the impact great leaders can have and therefore many organisations enroll their current as well as potential leaders in leadership coaching programs. A leadership Coaching program is a mentored personal development program designed specially to fulfill the coaching needs of a leader. It focuses on many aspects of leadership such as systematic thinking, creating a friendly ambiance at the workplace, managing various talents, developing emotional quotient, and finding creative ways of solving problems. The aim of a leadership coaching program is to allow a leader to function to their full potential and motivate their team to do the same.

Leadership coaching is beneficial to individuals and organizations. It helps the individuals rise to the higher levels of professional hierarchy in an organization. With better leaders, the organization gets an edge over its competitors.

What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching is a personal development program for individuals working in an organization. It is designed for existing or potential leaders of an organization who wish to lead from the front and make an impact on their organisation.

Leadership coaching trains the leaders to understand the roadblocks they are facing as leaders and work towards taking their team along with them to the stated goal of the organisation

Leadership coaching usually lasts from 6 to 8 months in duration. It is a mentored training program with a minimum of 6 one-on-one mentored coaching sessions. It is a customizable coach training program. The course mentors at the commencement of the course have a conversation with the leaders and after discussing and identifying the leaders’ stated areas of improvement, the Coaches design their leadership coaching curriculum. The number of Coaching hours is flexible in the leadership coaching program. A lot is left to the progress of the leader during the program.

There are two reviews in the leadership coaching program – a mid-way review and a review at the time of completion.  The reviews help the coaches and the leaders to analyse their progress and make sure they are working towards measurable and actionable results.

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Reasons how leadership coaching is beneficial to individuals and organizations.

The success of an organization depends on good leaders. Leaders with clear visions can steer the organization towards greater success and also with their all-around skills and capabilities motivate their teams to work to their fullest potential.

Some of the reasons why organisations should enroll their leaders in leadership coaching programs are as follows:

  1. Implementation of effective leadership strategies: On the completion of the leadership coaching program, leaders are able to deal with uncertainty in the workplace better than they could earlier. They come up with effective innovative leadership strategies to chart the uncertainty of today’s environment.
  2. Identification of weak areas and improvement of leadership style: Leaders through their one-on-one sessions with the leadership Coaches get a chance to introspect and understand their weaknesses. With the help of professionals, they work on their weak areas and improve their leadership style. This leads to greater engagement with their team and more successful outcomes.
  3. Build a cohesive team, increase engagement, and reduce employee turnover: Leaders with enhanced leadership skills are able to build cohesive teams which harness the abilities of their team members. In a cohesive team, every member works to their maximum potential, thus increasing work engagement and the organization’s profits. Moreover, a satisfied employee does not think of changing organizations.
  4. Gaining motivational skills for increasing the organization’s work productivity: A leader with coaching skills and technical expertise is one that people in the organisation look up to. A skilled leader influences their team members, and their positive energy motivates the team to work to their full capabilities. The team members feel satisfied working under a competent leader, thus benefiting the organization.
  5. Developing communication skills: Leadership coaching helps leaders to communicate clearly with their team members. The leaders gain insight on how to communicate with people from different backgrounds and those who have different personalities. This leads to greater cohesiveness and better communication within the team as well.

Leadership Coaching, therefore, has a far-reaching impact on individuals as well as the organisations and the people they work with.

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