Atlanta slip and fall accident: Do you need an attorney?

It is no secret that slip and fall accident claims are often complicated. These are also called premise liability claims (or lawsuits). For instance, if you tripped on the wet floor of a shop in Atlanta and suffered injuries, the management could be responsible for your situation. Winning a lawsuit against the premise owner, manager, or tenant requires extensive work. The question is whether you should hire an Atlanta slip and fall attorney for the case. Below is a list of things that an experienced lawyer can do for you. 

  • Evaluate your claim (typically for FREE). In the aftermath of a slip & fall accident, you may feel too stressed to understand the implications. How much is your claim worth? The answer depends on several factors, including the nature of injuries you have suffered. Attorneys in Georgia usually offer a free initial consultation for personal injury claims, including slip & fall accidents. They can help you evaluate what you should expect in a settlement. Visit Here:
  • Gather evidence. To win a premise liability lawsuit in the state, you have to first prove that the other party owed you a “duty of care” (for example, the premise owner should ensure the safety of the floor). You must also have evidence that they breached that “duty” leading to the accident and your injuries. Gathering evidence after a personal injury can be hard, especially when dealing with medical bills and recovering from injuries. Let an attorney take over. 
  • Filing a lawsuit. Most premise liability cases in Georgia are settled outside of court. However, negotiations may not always move as expected, and if you need to file a lawsuit, you will undoubtedly need an attorney. If you are hiring an attorney for the first time, ensure that they specialize in personal injury law and have experience in representing victims at trials.Latest Website zmagazines2 and zimnewsking More Information ukwebnews Read More About cinewebnews and viralwebnews

Cost of hiring a premise liability lawyer in Atlanta

Most injury law firms in Atlanta work on premise liability cases on a contingency fee. Their lawyers only get paid when the client wins a settlement. In other words, from meeting a lawyer to the point of getting a settlement, you don’t have to pay anything. However, it is wise to ask about the fee in advance, which is a percentage of your settlement. The standard fee range for premise liability lawsuits is between 25% and 40%. Top lawyers may charge a tad more, but there is always a higher chance of getting a fair settlement.

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