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When talking about Japanese people, you will think of Japanese people with good skin. Until sometimes there is a question whether Japanese people have sensitive skin ผิวแพ้ง่าย or not. Therefore, we would like to take everyone to fly across the water across the sea to travel together. For our destination today is the island of Okinawa (Okinawa), Japan. The land that is known as one of the most people over 100 years old in the world.

Why do Okinawans live longer and stay healthy?

How did these people live? Or is there any cool trick to make it last longer?

Together, we will travel to Okinawa and find answers. Okinawa is one of the most important and largest islands of the Ryukyu Islands in southern Japan. There is a main city called “Naha” (Naha). Okinawa is an island with beautiful white sand beaches. bright turquoise water and have abundant coral It also has good weather. not too hot not too cold This makes Okinawa a dream destination for both Japanese and foreigners.

In addition, Okinawa is a land of historical significance. because it used to be under the control of China and Japan It was also a naval base for the United States during World War II, making Okinawa a land unique in its beliefs. tradition language arts and culture and has a lifestyle that is still adhered to as a practice until now

Okinawa is known as the land with the highest average life expectancy in the world at 81.2 years, with average life expectancy for men 77.7 years and women 86.3 years, which is higher than the average life expectancy of people in countries around the world to the majority of the population in Japan. which the average life expectancy is only 79.9 years.

In addition to the Okinawans are the longest in the world. We also found that the population here is less susceptible to chronic diseases such as heart disease, paralysis, paralysis, diabetes, high blood pressure, blood lipids and cancer, like the population in other countries. This is because the Okinawans have A unique lifestyle and a model that promotes good health.

Let’s see that. What is Okinawa Lifestyle?

Okinawa lifestyle

As soon as I stepped foot on the ground of Okinawa Island, I felt the aura and natural atmosphere. clean air and the smiles of the people of Okinawa who travel back and forth


Okinawans prefer to eat mostly vegetables and fruits such as soybeans, seaweed, cabbage, bitter gourd (goya), sweet potatoes, radishes, garlic, scallions, tomatoes, and spices. including tofu, mushrooms, and unrefined rice, which are grown in the household

It is also popular to eat fish such as fish, salmon, tuna, and eat a little red meat, such as pork. When we consider these foods, we will see that. They are all foods that are beneficial to health, such as food in the complex carbohydrates, which have a low glycemic index. high in dietary fiber It also has complete nutrients and has many benefits for the body such as various types of antioxidants. Flavonoids Especially from soybean and other bean products such as tofu, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, folic acid, marine fish protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

As for the cooking methods of Okinawa Sau, they do not focus on grilling, grilling, or deep-frying, but are mostly stewed, boiled, and steamed. These methods use low heat. Therefore, it can maintain the value and maintain various food conditions without causing much change. This is in contrast to the food that we do today, which uses high heat.

Another important heart is eating but full Also known as Hara Hachi Bu (Hara Hachi Bu), which means eating until you feel about 80% full and then stop.

In addition, Okinawans also like to drink tea regularly. and popular to drink awamori Made from fermenting rice, which is obtained in small quantities from Thailand.

from the traditions of eating food This is what makes Okinawans healthy. asymmetrical figure not obese and rarely suffering from various diseases


Okinawans are active person don’t like to stay still likes to move and do various tasks all the time, such as farming, gardening, planting vegetables, planting fruits Traditional dances, Chinese boxing dances, especially traditional exercises originating from the island of Okinawa that are widely known throughout the world, namely karate.

with the lifestyle mentioned above Makes most of the people of Okinawa have a symmetrical shape. They have a Body Mass Index (BMI) that is mostly 18 – 22 kg/m². Is a person who has an active lifestyle from childhood to old age (Active Lifestyle) that is different from most of the population today who tend to live a sedentary lifestyle. I don’t like doing anything What we call the Sedentary Lifestyle, as we have already mentioned in Chapter 1.

It was also found that Elderly Okinawans have very few fractures or osteoporosis problems. This is due to the habit of consuming foods that are high in calcium on a regular basis. Including the consumption of foods that contain substances in the flavonoid group are high. (It has the same effect as the hormone estrogen in strengthening bones. We call the substances in this group Phytoestrogens) get vitamin D from sunlight regularly. and having an active lifestyle, exercising and always moving the body

life perspective

The next found in the Okinawan community is be simple have sufficiency and optimistic This is a distinctive feature of Okinawans that can be observed from visiting In this place, we generally find that Okinawans are generous people. have a simple lifestyle Words that rely on each other, calm, do not rush to compete in work, so that they can work according to their duties each day to the best of their ability. There is a good relationship between family members. pay homage to the ancestors And there are traditional beliefs about spirituality that have been held from generation to generation.

It’s all these things that make people here look relaxed and less stressful, which is good for both physical and mental health. As has been emphasized many times before about stress that is the cause of various physical and mental diseases The people of Okinawa therefore have complete physical and mental health because of their healthy lifestyle as mentioned above.

Heredity of longevity

The last secret found from the expedition to find answers to longevity on this island is Okinawans are hereditary for longevity. The answer was found in a study from the Okinawa Centenarian Study of the Okinawa Centenarian Study by Japanese doctor Dr. Makoto Suzuki and Dr. D. Craig. Willcox (D. Craig Willcox) and Dr. Bradley J. Willcox (American), Dr. Bradley J. Willcox, under a 25-year research program.

The results showed that Okinawans have Variation in the HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen Genetic Polymorphism) gene leads to a low risk of inflammation and the development of autoimmune diseases, both of which are major diseases that cause autoimmune diseases. current population deaths such as cardiovascular disease High blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

However, the study also stated that “Genetics only affect about 30% of our lives, and most of them still come from lifestyles such as diet. Exercise, mental health and stress and the environment around us primarily.”

Therefore, choosing to live a good life is more important than predetermined genetics. We are the ones who can determine what kind of health we want. Therefore, we should continue to act for good health and long life as we have intended.


All that was told was “Secrets of good health and longevity of Okinawans” that is it. You can see that these things are well known to everyone. It’s not something new or far from us at all. But we may not do or do less.

Today, if we try to make some small changes, whether it’s eating. exercise or even adjusting the concept A new way of living like an Okinawan sauna, we believe that we too can have good health and longevity just like the Okinawans.

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