Amazon SEO Tips to Improve Your Listings and Sales

If you own a business on Amazon, you have probably experimented with improving your product listings to rank better. You want customers to locate your items more easily. One approach to ensure your products are viewed on Amazon is to have them “rank” higher for specific web searches. But, with so much competition, how can you ensure that potential clients notice your products? The answer to that is simple and clear, search engine optimization (SEO).

When we talk about SEO, we normally think of tactics that help internet pages rank higher on Google or other search engines. However, we all know that the realm of SEO extends well beyond just search engines.

Amazon currently has a record 2.5 million vendors, thanks to the rise of Amazon SEO as an efficient advertising strategy to attract shoppers. Although there is no denying that Amazon is a money-making platform that marketers cannot afford to ignore, the degree of competition is currently at an all-time high. Entrepreneurs must go the extra mile and aim to stay ahead of their rivals by implementing the finest Amazon SEO tactics.

In this article, we will go through how Amazon SEO optimization functions. We will also inform you what is Amazon SEO, why it is vital, and how to get your items noticed on Amazon.

What Is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO optimization is the strategy of increasing the overall content of an Amazon webpage in order to boost exposure and bring significant traffic to the platform.

Amazon SEO entails:

  • Keyword optimization
  • Product title optimization
  • Product image optimization
  • Backend keywords
  • Pricing strategy
  • The A9 algorithm

Before we get started with Amazon SEO tactics, it is necessary to understand how Amazon ranks items. The way people search on Amazon differs from how they search on Google, so there is a minor technical challenge.

A product’s rating is decided using an algorithm known as “A9” (short for “algorithm”). Since this algorithm determines the outcome of your Amazon success, it is a good thing to know more about it.

The crucial thing to remember is that Amazon’s A9 algorithm prioritizes presenting items that are more likely to be purchased. The algorithm prioritizes based on two criteria, that is, performance and relevance. The performance of your items is determined by how well they sell and the relevancy of your keywords is determined by how well they fit the search function.

Amazon’s Relevancy Ranking Factors

The Amazon A9 system considers the relevance of your item listing to the user’s search. It assesses how and where your keywords are utilized and their relevance to the search query. The first thing to remember is that keywords have greater weight in some places of your listing than others. As a result, if your search keywords are in one of these spots, you have a greater chance of ranking for them.

Some of the things you should consider to boost the visibility of your product on Amazon.

Product Title: This is one of the most crucial aspects of Amazon SEO. All important keywords for your item should be included. Define your product, including its purpose, brand name, and any unique ingredients, materials, and colors. You only need four to six keywords.

Bullet points: These are the features of your product, and they are most often presented as bullet points on the right-hand side of your product detail page, close to the picture. You only get 250 characters, so emphasize the key qualities you want your buyers to notice.

Product descriptions: Amazon will examine every letter of the product description in order to establish its relevance to the search. You must try to add all the product details and make use of the most important keywords.

Backend Keywords: Lastly, backend search term fields can be utilized to include any additional terms that were not included on the customer-facing side.

Performance-Related Amazon Ranking Factors

Amazon is a sales-oriented e-commerce website whose algorithm wants to know how probable it is that your items will sell. The prospective profitability of a product is determined by key performance metrics. And, some of those performance-related metrics are listed below:

Sales velocity: It is a statistic used by Amazon to indicate how quickly a product sells on the platform and it is used for more than just informing merchants about their performance. The relationship between sales velocity and Amazon SEO is simple, the more money you make on Amazon, the higher your rank will be. If you create an appealing sales resume for Amazon, the company will gladly give you a little more consideration.

Conversion Rate: Amazon is keen about how many clicks led to a sale, which is why it considers your product’s conversion rate statistics. The greater your conversion rate is, the more probable it is that Amazon will show your products to customers.

Price: Amazon highlights the best-selling items. Customers are less inclined to purchase your item if it is too pricey, but if it is too inexpensive, they are afraid of being duped. As a result, a product’s price can have a significant impact on Amazon SEO.

Product Images: When it comes to product photographs, high-quality photos are essential. Amazon advises that they be at least 1000×1000 pixels in size so that images may be zoomed in. Using a high-resolution camera, you must take excellent images of your goods from various angles. Since online buyers cannot touch or see the goods or packaging before purchasing, you must provide them with as many pictures as possible.

Reviews: Amazon appreciates favorable reviews. Take note of how the items at the top of the search results always have a number of positive ratings. The higher a product ranks, the better are its reviews. The number of bad reviews you receive influences the visibility of your product in the search results. You may also rely on good feedback to boost your conversion rates.

Final Thoughts

These are just a handful of Amazon SEO tips you can use to improve the performance and sales of your Amazon product listings. If you use them, you will notice an increase in your Amazon rankings, conversions, and sales. Plus, Olifant Digital can help your business grow quickly with its efficient Amazon marketing plan.

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