All You Need to Know About the Kamado Joe Classic 3

Kamado Joe is the cooker with thick walls that grill the vegetables and meat with smoky flavor to give you fantastic taste. Charcoal is used to steam the food to provide it with a strong smoky taste. You can use Kamado that works efficiently, and you can enjoy outdoor BBQ parties. The latest model of Kamado Joe is Kamado Joe Classic 3 that is more efficient in working and design. Avail the chance of benefit by ordering Kamado Joe Bundle.

Give a glance at the fantastic parts and their functions of the Kamado Joe Classic 3 Bundle!

· Amplified Smoke Chamber

An efficient smoke chamber is used in Kamado Joe Classic 3 to give food a robustly smoky flavor. This chamber recycles the waves and produces messy smoke to grill your BBQs strongly. Good quality smoke makes in this zone that gives you a delicious taste without any side effects.

· Premium Carriage to Transport Anywhere

A rolling cart is available with Kamado, on which you can set your Kamado and drag where you want. This cart gives you the best opportunity to transport Kamado to make your outdoor parties easier. Without carrying the weight of Kamado, use a premium cart under which tires are present.

· Side Shelves Made With Aluminum

A side handle made with aluminum is present. You can use this handle easily to open and close your Kamado. These side shelves also help you put it somewhere else where you want to serve without any problem by using the grip of these handles.

· Basket Used to Separate Charcoal After Cooking

After cooking, basket make your firebox clean. The basket separates the charcoal from the ash produced at last. This basket makes your Kamado ready for the next cook quickly.

· The Top Vent Has a Tower

There is a top vent tower present on the Kamado. It is a very efficient tower that maintains the level of air required in a kamado. Kamado Joe Classic 3 has the best airflow towers present on the top. Even it contains rain-resistant towers, and you can use it outdoor under the open sky in the rain to enjoy the real meaning of BBQ.

· Hinge Present for Air Lifting

A hinge for airlifting is present. Few foods require more air or oxygen level, and few require fewer levels. By using a hinge present for airlifting, you can adjust the airflow according to your need.

· Fiberglass Gasket Made of Wire

A fiberglass gasket of good quality is adjusted in Kamado Joe Classic 3. It gives airtightness to Kamado and makes it more efficient to grill food strongly. It is made of wires that are firmly packed together to provide more grip against airflow.

· Advanced Firebox is Present

The firebox is present in which food is grilled and beneath which the charcoal burns and ash is produced. The produced ash is collected from here to avoid making it messy.

· Steel Latch is Present for Air tightening

An efficient air-tight seal is present that is like a small lock. This seal makes the Kamado Joe Classic 3 more efficient airflow and its tightness to give intense heat to food.


If the parts of Kamado Joe Classic 3 are so amazingly designed with efficient working, why will it not give you the best taste? You should try Kamado Joe Classic 3 Bundle to enjoy excellent benefits, even financially. You can enjoy outdoor BBQ parties without any problem arranging the source of the grill.

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