All Year Cooling Makes Financing Easy

Whether it is time for a fix, update, or a complete replacement of an air conditioner, the cost might not always fit into the current budget of your bank savings account. That’s why homeowners need to have some type of financing option to turn to. All Year Cooling is a South Florida air conditioning service based in Coral Springs, Florida. They’re known as an installation leader, who understands the struggle of unexpected costs associated with an air conditioning system. That’s why they’ve made financing easy for their customers to get the service they need, even if bank financing isn’t an option.

Most customers already have a few different options when it comes to financial help. While there is always the option to go through a bank and receive some financial help, All Year Cooling offers bank savings and financing options beyond traditional bank financing.

Traditional Bank Financing for Air Conditioning Needs

Financing an air conditioner system works the same way as any other major purchase with a bank. Customers can approach their bank and go over the details to see if they qualify for financing. Those with solid credit should get a decent loan without spending too much extra money on fees and interest.

The advantage of going to the bank is that most customers already have a history with them. There’s nothing wrong with having all financials run through a bank instead of any third-party financing company. However, it sometimes takes quite a bit longer to receive approval. There’s also the hassle of putting the paperwork together and explaining everything before getting the money.

All Year Cooling Financing

Whether a person is seeking service from an All Year Cooling in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or through southern Florida, financing options are available. This is perfect for anyone who is not approved by a bank or those who don’t want to go through that tedious process.

The biggest selling point with All Year Cooling is that their internal financing requires no minimum credit score. They also have three different options to choose from, so there’s a chance of always getting a quality deal.

An All Year Cooling employee standing next to the AC unit of a customer who had some financing to help them

No one likes dealing with the embarrassment of not being approved for financing. There are better chances of getting approved through financing with one of the companies working directly with All Year Cooling. They know what the money is being used for, and they set up the repayment process to be as easy as possible.

All three companies they work with were handpicked to ensure that customers are working with the best. This gives shoppers extra peace of mind knowing that they don’t have to worry about lackluster customer care in the department.

What are the three companies customers get to choose from? Synchrony Financing, YGrene Financing, and FTL Financing are all available for application. By reaching out to customer service at All Year Cooling, they provide customers with a good idea of what would fit best for them. All Year Cooling even offers their own financing options in-house.

The financing company handles everything from a repayment standpoint. While All Year Cooling tries to make it as simplified as possible, it’s important to understand that there will be some additional forms to fill out to get everything moving forward. Since these financing companies know who they are working with, it’s much more simplified than any other company.

Additional Ways to Save

All Year Cooling understands that paying for any type of repair or installation with an air conditioner is not something put in the usual budget. Eventually, even the best A/C systems have their issues, and that’s when a company that focuses on affordability comes in handy.

Veterans can get 10% off all repairs or $100 off a brand new installation. All veterans must do to qualify is show proper identification. This discount also extends to active military. It’s a small sign of appreciation towards a group of people who do so much to protect the country.

There’s also a tab on, with All Year Cooling coupons and discounts displayed when available. Throughout the year, there are deals customers can take advantage of if it fits their needs. They are constantly changing, so be sure to take a look.

Just going off of sticker price, All Year Cooling is always looking to stay competitive with everyone else in the market. They can certainly have some of the most affordable prices in the industry, and the discounts and coupons only add to the overall value provided.

Why Fast Service Matters With Financing

Even during the winter months, air conditioning is vital in South Florida. When it is the middle of the summer, one day without air conditioning can become a nightmare. That’s why everything within All Year Cooling strives for fast results. That includes the internal financing options made available.

As soon as financing is approved, a customer can set up a consultation and start the repair or installation that same business day. With 60 different trucks making up the fleet, it’s easy to get service in the six different counties the company serves. Whether looking up All Year Cooling Fort Lauderdale or All Year Cooling Miami, same-day assistance is possible.

Financing isn’t always as straightforward as it is with the team at All Year Cooling. By partnering with a few internal financing options, customers tend to see their A/C replacement happen quicker. This ultimately leads to less downtime with what people cherish more than ever during the summer: air conditioning.

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