About CSGO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) builds on the team-based first-person shooter gameplay introduced in the original Counter-Strike in 1999. With the target of winning enough rounds to win the match, two teams compete in several rounds of objective-based game modes.

New maps, characters, and weapons are included in CS: GO, as well as modified versions of classic Counter-Strike maps such as Dust, Inferno, Nuke, Train, and others. Besides, CS: GO features online matchmaking and Competitive Skill Groups, as well as new game modes such as Arms Race, Flying Scoutsman, and Wingman. In total, seven-game modes have similarities and differences.

About CSGO Account

The first and foremost need is to have a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive account to fully enjoy the in-game material. CS facilitates the legendary experience of the game: GO accounts that can be bought online.

CS: GO accounts are of different types, but the two main categories are: Prime and non-prime accounts/ having a CS: GO account is beneficial to upskill your gaming skills, but the different accounts have their own sets of objectives.

The player’s ranking is a major determining factor of the kind of CSGO accounts they hold. The CSGO ranking system is the validity of the gaming skills of the player. The ranking is thus done based on the player’s experience.

This assigns players to one of four hierarchy groups, ranging from 0 to 40. After hitting level 40, players can use their CSGO medal account to reclaim their service medal.

Non-Prime CSGO Accounts use a private rating system. With ten to twenty wins, you will be ranked between 4-21 in the game. Hackers are the main purchasers of non-prime accounts. CSGO non-prime accounts are less expensive than prime accounts.

On the other hand, the prime accounts are unique, purchased by players with good gaming experience, and are connected to the player’s number.

About CSGO Smurf Account

Smurf Accounts is a matchmaking concept in which a higher-ranked player creates a separate account to compete with a lower-ranked player. It’s a multiplayer game, and the player buys CSGO Smurfs Account solely to exploit the lower-ranked player.

A CSGO Smurf Account allows a higher-ranking player to play with lower-ranking players. CSGO Smurf Account is primarily used to target low-level rated users with ease, which aids in evaluating high-ranking users’ abilities and provides them with the confidence to improve their game results.

Advantages of smurf accounts:

  • Low price
  • Practice your gaming skills
  • players can easily play with illegitimate players to gain rank

About CSGO Prime Account

CSGO Prime Accounts are a unique form of account that is designed specifically for prime matchmaking. To be considered for prime matchmaking, you must have a PR of at least 21. To use the prime function, the customer must link his or her phone number and verify themselves.

Because of this feature and the sole objective of prime accounts for matchmaking in CS: GO, there is a lower risk of having a match with cheaters. Each prime player is only matched with another prime player of the same ranking to keep the game fair.

Advantages of a CSGO Prime Account:

  • High-Level Positioning
  • You can comfortably play with Prime account players without fear of being tricked.
  • Just compete with the best players
  • Exclusive inventory
  • Full access to all community-run servers

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