A historic NFT house auction – Gulfport house

Gulfport’s house is the first home-based to be auctioned off for an intangible item, or non-fungible symbolic (NFT).

On February 10th, the property located at the address 6315 11th Ave. South was auctioned off for $654,310, approximately 210 Ethereum (ETH). It is the first NFT auction for houses within the United States.

The headlines quickly lit up on the same day making it a historic event within the digital industry. The hype around NFTs is not surprising due to the exceptional concept behind the token. However, a few people expected these non-fungible assets to be taken that much seriously.

NFTs are typically used to store digital assets, such as music and art. They can be used to exchange ownership rights for physical objects. They are then saved on a blockchain, a digital ledger type.

The auction implied that the property’s ownership was held by transferred to the NFT and then made available to purchase.

A user with the name “A.J.” bought the property. A.J. (the initials in the first letter stand was bidding called Tyler. As per the auction’s details, the other bidder offered $651,229 or 202.5 ETH to purchase the house. As Amanda offered a higher price, she got the house and became the first highest-valued real estate NFT owner in the United States.

Amy Heckler, the existent estate agent, represented the buyer at the auction. She is also co-founder and founder of Tampa Bay crypto corporation DeFi Limitless. Amy is a strong advocate for utility NFT projects and believes that real estate has a bright future in the digital world. She hopes for more sales and increased exposure of real estate when we get closer to Metaverses.

“This technology is set to transform the real estate market by offering speed, transparency, and security at levels that were never before seen,” Alessandra wrote in an article about the auction.

Alessandra was a part of Propy, a Palo Silicon Valley-based technology for real estate firm who minted title rights to the property in a virtual token and held the auction online.

This is also Propy’s debut NFT-backed property sale within the U.S. Propy’s NFT-backed home sale took place last year when Propy auctioned off Tech Crisis Michael Arrington, CEO of Propy,’s Ukraine residence.

While A.J. was competing against one other bidder, there were a plethora of bidders signing up for the auction on the internet on Gulfport. The successful bidders had to possess a MetaMask crypto currency wallet, which held more than $650,000 in ETH.

The 2,164 square-foot house last auctioned in 2020 for $250,000.

The house designer has changed the Spanish-style home and re-created many original features as per the property’s listing.

Some of the notable characteristics of the property include a giant iron dinner bell and an archway of bricks on the lawn in front. In the living room are a brick fireplace and a large oculus window located next to the kitchen. The kitchen is fitted with brand new appliances as well as quartz countertops.

The property features a garden area located in the backyard. It has an edging of wood and a fire pit. The garden is a guest suite separate from the main living space.

According to the auction description, the local art-maker Derek Donnelly will create an indoor mural that will be hung on one of the house’s walls of exposed brick. This mural is crafted to form an NFT that will be sold along with the house during the auction.

The Gulfport home won’t be the only NFT-owned property located in Tampa Bay. According to its website, the property will also conduct an NFT auction to purchase a condo in Tampa. More details haven’t yet been announced.

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