6 Types of Face Shields Used in Different Industries amid COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic creating mayhem in the US and worldwide, things like face shields, masks, PPE kits, respirators, and shelter-in-place never crossed your mind. The epidemic claiming several lives, businesses are manufacturing face shields and other protective equipment for medical professionals, workers in various industries, and of course, the common people to fight the deadly coronavirus infection.

According to an article published in Forbes, face shields offer additional protection from big respiratory droplets, especially if you are in a community environment. Then, you also need to wear masks for protection against smaller droplets.

In this article, we will walk you through the six types of face shields used in various industries amid the pandemic. Read on to learn more.

1. Headband face shields

It is the most common and popular face shields used amid the corona pandemic, fitting around your forehead. It is made from some type of padded strap, which makes it comfortable when you wear the shield for a long time. These products are used by airlines to protect passengers.

2. Disposable shields

Some businesses are asking their workers to wear these shields daily. That is why they are using disposable face shields. Yes, they use a new one every day. You can buy them in bulk and dispose of them properly after each use.

3. Face shields for the food industry

These products find products their use in the food and beverage industry, made to cover your complete face. The US Food and Drug Administration or FDA approves these face shields. Bakers and chefs usually use such a face shield or protective equipment, or any other person associated with the food and beverage sector.

4. Pivot-type shields

Did you know that majority of the face shields are adjustable? However, this product could turn at the top. It implies you can move it away from the face when you eat, or when you need to see anything more clearly.

5. Wider face shields

These shields fit on your forehead and go down past your chin. You can choose from wider shields depending on your needs.

6. Face shields that come with in-built goggles

You not only need to protect your eye from the coronavirus, but the protection of your eyes is also important for specific industries such as construction, welding, and the mechanical industry. If you are in any of these sectors, you need face shields with in-built goggles. These shields are more comfortable to wear than those that fit your forehead.

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When to wear these face shields

Although face shields are commonly used amid the pandemic, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) suggests you use these products if you come into touch with any acid, harsh chemicals, toxic vapors, radiation, and even flying items. Find products like radiation protection thyroid shield from Barrier Technologies.

The protective equipment is recommended for healthcare, food and beverage, salons or spas, construction, manufacturing, painting, grocery stores, and laboratories.

Amid the corona pandemic, you need to wear face shields while working in the food and health care sector.


Face shields are good to use because they could be disinfected easily, using an antibacterial spray, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.

These products are also easy to wear like N95 Masks Australia throughout the day.

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