6 Practical Uses of Digital Signage in Education Industry Dubai

The use of digital signage in the education sector has become quite common. When you want to communicate the same message with a mass of students, teachers, or non-teaching staff, these signages come in handy.

Take the example of a higher school. Teachers and administration often have to communicate with the students during school hours. This could be an urgent announcement or a soft reminder for the next lesson. And everything in between.

With all the concerned people able to see the same message while sitting in the library, cafeteria, playground, or anywhere else, they don’t have to be informed separately.’

And it’s not just about communication, digital signages can also be used for educational purposes. If you are thinking of investing in digital signage for your school, it’s worth it. You can find the signage suppliers in Dubai online.

Here are the 6 practical uses of digital signage in the education industry:

1. Create Custom Content on the Go!

Let’s face it, students don’t enjoy content forced on them via emails and handouts. They prefer a more intuitive way of studying and learning interesting things.

With digital signage, you can create content that they want to see anytime; content that would cheer them up. For example, during a lecture when students appear to be bored by a complex lecture, you can display something interesting, a funny video, or the beauty of nature.

Likewise, you can display the menu at a certain time, or a particular science concept that students are unable to grasp. Schools even use signages to display the day’s timetable, syllabus covered, and much more.

Creating custom content is made easy by digital signages. Teachers and administrators can create content on the go and make learning and teaching fun!

2. Real-time updates

Updating staff and students about a sudden change in the timetable due to the absence of a certain teacher is always a problem. A senior teacher has to visit each class separately to announce the alternate lessons.

Especially during the COVID-19, this feature of digital signage comes in handy. If a certain teacher or student has fallen sick or tested positive for the COVID-19, you can inform all the people who have been in contact with the infected person.

And whatever real-time update you want to communicate with the whole school or with a particular class, digital signage makes it easy.

3. Boost Event Engagement

In your university, college, or school, digital signages are like advertisement boards. When you have an event coming up, a painting contest or a sports day, or something else, you can promote the event through digital signages.

All the students and staff will be updated about the approaching event well in advance. Alongside boosting the event awareness, you can attract more participants.

Just like when people see the same advertisement board frequently, they end up buying the same product when they need it. The same is true here, even non-interested students might develop some interest in the event.

4. Teach Ethics & Life Concepts Via Signages

Now then, some concepts are vital for everyone to learn. Be it a primary kid or a final-year student, they all ought to learn the basic etiquettes in school and college. That’s where digital signages can be really handy for you. After all, the reputation of your institute depends on the way your students behave when they have passed out.

With digital signage, you can teach them not to raise their voice against seniors, respect elders, don’t trust strangers, how to behave with teachers, etc.

Some students need frequent reminders regarding these. These signs will always remind them what it takes to be a good human and citizen.

5. Campus safety

Digital signages can also be used for campus safety. Like in case of a fire emergency, you can inform all the students and teachers at once. At the same time, maps of the school/college/university can be displayed so students can learn about the emergency exits.

This is particularly useful for large-scale educational institutions where students live inside the campus. And when you have dozens of different departments, it can be difficult to ensure campus-wide safety.

6. Easy Navigation

When the campus is big, guests and visitors can get confused and don’t know where to go to meet the administrators or their children. New teachers and students can also face this problem.

With digital signage, you can display maps of important places like classes, libraries, first aid areas, staff rooms, etc. to make it comfortable for teachers and students to navigate inside the campus.


Investing in digital signage is a no-brainer. Just pick a reliable signage supplier near you and ask him for the best quote. Then it comes down to you how you want to use those signages. Don’t hesitate to be creative and use them for whatever purpose you feel is appropriate.

The above-mentioned six uses are common and you can find educational institutes in your area using them for varying purposes.

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