6 Major Benefits of Pilates

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in Germany in the early 1900’s.  It was designed as a method of overall body wellness. Pilates relies more upon technique, then it does equipment, you can do Pilates with only a mat, but there is equipment designed to maximize results. Pilates has slowly been gaining attention, and in the last few decades, it has entered the mainstream. Pilates was inspired in part by yoga, and many people practice both. But there are some differences. For example, Pilates does not emphasize spirituality to the same degree that yoga does. That is good for people who just want to improve their health without ideological influences. There are numerous benefits of Pilates, here are a few.

  1. Technique Over Equipment: Something that hinders people from working out at home is a lack of space, and the tremendous cost of equipment. Very few people can set up a comprehensive weight room in their house. And some of the cardio equipment can have you setting up payment schedules. Much of that equipment is specific and fails to achieve whole body health. For Pilates, your main cost will be classes. Technique is so critical to Pilates success that people are willing to pay high prices to get top end instruction. The demand is so great that there are many places offering certification, such as Breathe Education Pilates instructor training. So, Pilates has the potential to become a career if you are diligent.
  2. No Age or Fitness Limit: Pilates involves a lot of stretching and resistance training so many exercises can be done from a chair or mat. Exercises can be adapted to different needs. The focus is breathing and core strength, which will benefit anyone.  If you have been working out for quite some time, that’s fine and you can start with the Pilates too but if you are just getting started, you must start with slow and easy. The reason being is that your body takes time to get acquainted with the workout and doing it in excessive manner can make your body sore and cause muscle fatigue as well. So, better start slow and use percussion massage tool. A massage tool like Exogun DreamPro helps preventing these injuries and helps you recover faster and better post every workout.
  3. Increased Flexibility: You may not realize it, but a lot of aches and pains, including lower back pain, are caused by reduced range of motion, or overly repetitive motion at the workplace. When your body experiences the full range of motion on a regular basis. Many of these muscle issues work themselves out.
  4. Core Strength: A strong core is an important component of overall health. The core supports the frame, and when your frame is balanced, you can move better, and you are resistant to injury. Your core also helps you to achieve good posture, and greater mobility. A strong core is a sign of good health and helps you to appear confident, which is the most attractive feature you can have.
  5. Energy: A strong component of Pilates is mindful breathing and muscular control. When you learn to breathe efficiently you increase the flow of oxygen to your cells and therefore turn up the turbo chargers inside you. This is good for your health, and with improved muscle control you can use that energy longer and stronger than ever before.
  6. Weight Loss: It should go without saying that Pilates is also an effective method of losing weight. The simple exercises require more from your body than you might expect. Without putting a strain on joints or making it difficult to breathe.

Pilates has become successful because it works, and it is accessible to a wide range of people. If you are interested, your first experience is as close as your phone and the YouTube app.

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