5 Qualities of a Great Programmer

What does it mean to be a great programmer? Today’s post will explore five qualities you should look out for when hiring a programmer.

You’ve decided to create a mobile app or a web application. Your first instinct is to Google “best programmer.”

This is great! It shows you recognize the importance of finding the right developer for your project.

However, the challenge you’ll encounter is that you’ll find lots of people who call themselves programmers. Choosing becomes difficult with so many candidates out there.

And knowing fully well that the most expensive option doesn’t always equate to the best choice.

So, how do you hire the Top developers for your app or software projects?

Lets’ answer this question by discussing a few of the qualities that make for great programmers.

5 top qualities of a great programmer 

In order to be safe than sorry, you need to make sure the programmer possess these five qualities:

In-depth understanding of programming languages

It is a given that a great programmer must have an in-depth knowledge of at least one programming language, but it is also important that they have an understanding of many different languages.

The level of expertise and experience they have with the different programming languages will determine their success in delivering a successful project.

What is more, there are some languages that can only be used for a specific type of project. So if your project is not suited to the language, using it can be counterproductive. For instance, a Java developer may not be the best candidate for your project if you’re looking to create an iOS application. Looking to build an iOS app Look for a Programmer who knows Swift.

Additionally, some languages are more popular than others, which means they are in high demand and can attract higher cost. For example, according to Statista (the world’s leading statistics service), “Clojure and F# are the programming languages that are associated with the highest salaries worldwide in 2021” meaning that these two languages have the potential to cost more.

You’ll also need a programmer who has experience with databases and data structures if you want your project to be successful. 

Without an in-depth understanding of programming languages, it is not possible for them to create effective solutions using their chosen language. So make sure they possess this quality before handing them your project.

Ability to work well with others

Collaboration is a key part of the process. It’s not just about knowing how to code, it is also important that they have good negotiation and communication skills.

This will allow them to take point about how the project should be carried out and what types of solutions are feasible. They’ll also need to work with other members of the team, for example designers and marketers, to ensure that they are able to deliver a project on time.

The best programmers also have the ability to deal with a variety of personalities and people, which is essential for any project irrespective if it’s a team of two or fifty.

Additionally, communication is an integral part of dealing with people. This includes being able to communicate and articulate information in a concise, effective way. Whether verbally or in writing, it is important that they are able to communicate clearly and concisely with the project stakeholders.

Don’t take the chance of handing your project to a developer who doesn’t have these skills. 

They are crucial for the success of your project and will help make sure you get the outcome you want.


It would be so unfortunate that after investing huge amounts of time and money into a project to find out that the programmer you hired was not quite who they advertised to be.

In order for someone to be considered as being great at their job, they need to have integrity.

Integrity is more than just doing what you say; it’s also about working within the constraints of the project to find the best solution.

A person with integrity will be able to work within your budget and timeline without compromising quality. 

This is something that will not only make you happy, but also your customers and stakeholders.

An effective way to determine integrity is to ask for references from previous employers and clients.

Troubleshooting Skills

The very nature of programming is fraught with errors and potential bugs. A programmer must have a set of skills that will allow them to troubleshoot the problem as quickly as possible, before it becomes a catastrophe.

Programmers need to understand the steps that lead to an error in their code, and then identify what needs fixing. They should be able to take a logical step back from the error, and see how it occurred.

The ability to troubleshoot efficiently is an invaluable quality to look for in a programmer.

But how can you tell if a programmer has the necessary skills?

You may not be able to tell by reading their resume. So, test them out.

See if they have what it takes to solve a difficult problem or figure out why the code is not working properly.

If you’re not sure how to do this, you can always ask another programmer who has the necessary skills.

Ask your programmer to identify a problem with an application and fix it in front of you. If they are able to identify the problem and fix it, you have found a great programmer.

Motivated to learn and adapt with time

Technology and software development in particular, changes at a breakneck pace. 

It’s the nature of software development that what is old will eventually be new again, and being able to quickly adapt and learn is crucial to being a great programmer.

A great programmer knows that it’s important to spend some time exploring and learning new things, which allows him or her to solve new problems more quickly.

For you, the benefit of having such a programmer on your team means higher productivity and more cost-effective solutions.

Final Thoughts:

These qualities are not the only important qualities of a great programmer; however they are a good starting point. What is most important to remember about these and any other quality that you want in a programmer is that they need to be able to do their job well and help your company.

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