5 Key Steps to Increase Your Company’s LinkedIn Following

Increase Your Company’s LinkedIn Following

LinkedIn is a social media platform made to make business. To do this, you need to do everything you can to increase your company’s LinkedIn following. It’s quite intuitive, the more the merrier so here are our 5 key steps to increase your company’s LinkedIn following.

Look legit

Most people on LinkedIn don’t have too much time. No one is going to bother looking at faceless (or should I say ‘logoless’) companies without much information about them.

Upload a good high-quality logo picture and customize your company profile. Fill in all the information about your company to make it relevant.

Engage with your clients and colleagues to make your profile look dynamic and lively. All these things will show potential followers that you are a legit thing and it will serve as the green light for business.

Commit to a posting schedule

LinkedIn, like any other social media platform, uses an algorithm to tailor everyone’s experience on it.

Everyone knows by now that the algorithm is the best beaten with posting schedules and correct timing.

To optimize your engagement, you should use social media scheduling tools like Blue Strawberry. Blue Strawberry’s smart AI features can help you keep track of the right times and content to share thus helping you fight the algorithm.


This might sound counterintuitive but hear me out. Due to the notorious ‘algorithm’, most of your followers won’t see your posts. Posts usually reach new audiences rather than the accounts already following you.

Therefore, once you run out of content, you should use refresher posts referring to your most popular older posts. This will greatly increase your engagement and help you retain all of your content relevant.

Engage your colleagues

Tell your colleagues to be active on LinkedIn. The best way to grow your LinkedIn page is still word of mouth.

LinkedIn works with networks. The more people join your company the more your company will be shared and visible in different networks.

Tell your colleagues to engage with your company content in order to boost its reach and engagement.

Go Beyond

I can’t stress this enough but there’s never enough when it comes to the business world. You have to plug your company everywhere and while LinkedIn might be a really good platform, it still has its lčimits.

Do things outside of LinkedIn and even outside of social media in general to promote your company.  Support events, charities, causes, and other businesses. Plug your company including its LinkedIn everywhere you can and it will flourish.

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