5 Essential Tips to Enhance Your Company’s Data Security

No business is completely secure these days. Whether a company is big or small, it needs some sort of safety measure against several risks and threats. Cyberattacks have become extremely widespread, affecting every company irrespective of its size and nature.

Fraudsters and online hackers adopt various ways to get access to your confidential and important business data so they can blackmail you later. In fact, there are many cases where online hackers and fraudsters use different social engineering techniques on a company’s employees to trick them into providing sensitive and confidential business data such as bank account numbers or credit card information.

With the passage of time, online hackers have become trickier as they are now using more sophisticated means to target their upcoming victims. They can use social media platforms to look for business owners and gather information about their personal and professional connections. These hackers know how to hack Android phone and also know ways to get access to your electronic devices.

Along with that, several hacking agencies are now coming up with new malware and computer viruses to steal the sensitive information of a business person. They can steal your banking information, your passwords, and then hold your data for ransom and commit fraudulent activity.

Where there is a threat of rising online security risks, every business owner, no matter how big or a small a company they are running should evaluate the cybersecurity measures they have set in the workplace to ensure they are strong enough to battle the growing cyberattacks.

Below, we have discussed five essential tips that every business owner and entrepreneur should use to protect their business and personal information.

Create a Secure Infrastructure

First things first, you need to create a secure infrastructure to enhance your business’s data security. You can employ different technologies in place to fight against cyberattacks on your business’s data. You can make sure all the devices in your workplace have updated operating systems and all the applications and software installed on those devices are updated with the latest security patches.

Filtering, spam detection, and antivirus software should be deployed on every computer device. On the other hand, the network should be safeguarded with a properly configured firewall. If you think your company needs more security and you can invest more, you can also get your hands on monitoring systems and intrusion detection to provide an extra layer of protection.

Educate Employees

Educating your employees hold a lot of significance. Employees should be aware of all sorts of threats they can come across while working in the company. Ever since the pandemic, more employees are working remotely and using their personal devices to communicate with employers and business-related people. Therefore, they should be educated on how they can avoid exposure to online hackers.

They should be educated not to click on any suspicious links in texts or emails that they receive from unfamiliar sources and they should never disclose personal information with any person online. They save themselves from phishing and cyberattacks if employees are more aware of growing data security risks.

Use Strong Usernames and Passwords

All business owners, entrepreneurs, and employees should be recommended to use unique and strong usernames and passwords for all the accounts they are using. They should use strong and complex usernames and passwords for all their business and personal email accounts.

It is recommended to create passwords that are eight characters in length and consist of both upper and lowercase letters. Strong passwords should also contain numbers and special characters. Only then they can become unique and complex. Strong passwords cannot be easily guessed by hackers. If possible, you should also enable two-factor authentication on all your computer systems and platforms.

Protect Your Mobile Smartphones

Since employees carry out most of the business-related activities remotely, it is important to make sure that their mobile smartphones are secure. All the mobile phones that they are using for work-related purposes should be secure. Mobile phones should have biometrics, local data encryption, and a power-on password.

All mobile devices should be secured with safety measures according to the company policy. Also, employees should make sure that they have installed antivirus software on their mobile phones so they can stay away from malware and other viruses. By installing antivirus apps on their smartphones, they can protect their devices from expert online hackers that know how to hack iPhone and Android phone.

Use Data Encryption Software

Companies should consider using data encryption software so that important and sensitive data should only be read by people who have the key to unlock it. By using data encryption software on your company’s devices, you can prevent online hackers and cyber criminals from getting access to your important business information. Hackers won’t be able to access your work emails or all the documents stored on the company’s computers.

When a company follows all the above-mentioned essentials tips, they can prevent the company’s data from cyberattacks. Employers should also keep a check on the employees that are working in the company because most of the data breaches take place because of the negligence and carelessness of some employees.

If you suspect any of your employees who you think might be involved in fraudulent activity and are leaking your company’s sensitive information to the third-parties or your business competitors, then you should monitor their activities. You can install the Mobistealth monitoring app on their devices, including computers and mobile phones, and keep an eye on all the activities taking place on them.

With employee monitoring apps, you can monitor your employee’s phone calls, emails, text messages, as well as internet browsing history. The same monitoring app can be installed on the company-owned vehicle to monitor all their whereabouts.

Employee monitoring apps help you catch the fraudulent employees red-handed. When employees know all their workplace activity is being monitored by monitoring apps, they stay away from getting involved in any leisure or fraudulent activity and focus diligently on their job.

That way, you can protect your company from employees having evil intentions and secure your company’s data from major data breaches.

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