5 Best Sheesham Wood Furniture From Wakefit

Wooden furniture was traditionally found in all Indian homes. But with the industrial revolution furniture made from other materials became popular. However, the other materials have not lasted the test of time and wood has regained its position as the staple material, especially for furniture. Its advantages are undeniable, it is robust, long-lasting as well as beautiful making it the ideal choice for furniture. There are various types of wood available in the market, among them, Sheesham wood is highly preferred. It is resistant to decay, durable, ideal for carving as it does not warp and is cost-effective. Manufacturers like Wakefit are making the best use of this wood by creating beautiful furniture using them. They have a wide range of furniture from Sheesham wood beds to Baby Cribs. Here are the 5 best Sheesham Wood Furniture from Wakefit.

Sheesham wood beds

Sheesham is among the best types of hardwood for beds as it is decay resistant and is good for carving. Moreover, it comes in many different colours ranging from dark reddish-brown to golden brown. That essentially means you get to choose the right colour based on your aesthetics and preferences. When it comes to the health benefits, a wooden bed offers great support to the mattress. So your mattress performs optimally and you wake up without any aches or pains. Wakefit manufactures the following types of Sheesham wood beds Online:

  • Wakefit Andromeda Sheesham bed with storage and without storage: This beautiful bed comes in many dimensions of Queen and King Size. The bed frame and the headboard is made from solid wood and is finger-jointed for more durability. The bed also has options of storage which is useful for those living in compact places. The assembly of this bed is simple and can be done by the users themselves.
  • Wakefit Auringa Sheesham bed with/without storage: This is another attractive bed from Wakefit that comes in varying dimensions of King and Queen Size. The headboard is slightly different from that of Andromeda. The build quality is like that of the Andromeda and comes with storage and without storage. It can be assembled by the buyer following the guide sent by the manufacturer.
  • Wakefit Centaurus Sheesham bed: This is a simple but elegant bed offering from Wakefit. This too has options to choose from different dimensions of king and queen size beds. Unlike the other two, the headboard is simple but beautiful. Apart from the design, the other aspects of the bed remain the same. This too is a DIY assembly that can be done easily by the buyer.

Sheesham wood side tables

A side table is a piece of furniture that is placed beside another piece of furniture like a bed or a couch. Though it is an accessory to the main item and its purpose is to place items that you want to reach easily, it does more than that. It adds to the aesthetics and functionality of the home interior. Despite its uses, most people are not aware that it comes in many different styles and sizes. Wakefit too offers many types of side tables that can be used next to a bed in the bedroom or next to a couch in the living room. Side table options include:

  • Atlas Sheesham Wood Side Table
  • Callisto Sheesham Wood Side Table
  • Dia Sheesham Wood Side Table
  • Europa Sheesham Wood Side Table

These tables come assembled and are delivered to your home without any hassles.

Sheesham Wood Coffee Tables

Coffee tables like the side tables have become an attractive piece from being mere furniture. These coffee tables, also called centre tables, have created a niche and made it to the list of must-have furniture items. They come in a variety of designs, styles, and colours. Choose any coffee table and they can bring a visible transformation to the living room. Apart from improving the aesthetics, beautiful Sheesham wood coffee tables add warmth to the space and change the dynamics. Wakefit offers many coffee table designs that are functional as well as stylish. It combines well with the other furniture and gives a contemporary look to your space. The best part is that they are affordable and durable. Check out their website to browse through the various options.

Sheesham wood bookshelf

Bookshelves play an important role in your home interior. It is a place where you store information and knowledge. Thus every house has to have one as it helps to keep the books organized and neat. The importance of bookshelves is more than just decluttering your space, it can hugely add to the aesthetics. Modern bookshelves are designed to be multi-purpose. It can be used to store books or can be used as display units.

Place them in your living room and display your art collectables, family photos, or other memorabilia. It helps to spruce up the place and add expression to the space. Wakefit Sheesham wood bookshelf goes a step further in adding to the advantages. The racks come with great depth, designs, and styles so that organizing things becomes easy. Like all other products, these too are durable and affordable. Some of the available options are: For more information visit this site: 300mbmovies

  • Oliver Sheesham wood shelf
  • Brooks Sheesham wood shelf
  • Milton Sheesham wood shelf

For more such designs, visit the website.

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Sheesham Wood Cribs and Cradles

When it comes to kids, parents want to buy only the best. Wakefit Sheesham Wood Cribs and Cradles are just that!. Since safety is of utmost importance the choice of Sheesham wood for a cradle or crib is a brilliant choice. The beds made from this wood are sturdy and long-lasting thanks to superior manufacturing. Also, it is convenient to clean and it is convertible. That means as your newborn grows, it can be converted from a cradle to a bed. Cribs and cradle on offer are:

These products give a stylish look to your interiors while being functional. These products are available in many finishes and styles so you can choose based on your preferences. Apart from the above-mentioned, there are other products and materials to explore. Check them out on the website. More Information Visit this site: f95zone

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