3 Simple & Effective Productivity Tools for Recording Your Computer Screen in 2022

The top 3 tools for recording your computer screen are demonstrated in this post for the year 2022. They will simplify your life and increase its efficiency. See inside for more information.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, many people are forced to remain in their homes in isolation. You may still work or attend school, but only on a computer. You should learn how to record your computer screen before you begin working or studying to make sure you remember every important detail.

We tested a large number of screen recorders on the market and selected the top 3 tools for recording your computer screen in order to assist you maintain good performance during this challenging time. They are all simple to operate and consume little computer resources when in use. Each of them will significantly increase your productivity.

Using itop Screen Recorder, you may record your computer’s screen.

As one of the top developers of PC software, itop has released a number of well-known desktop productivity products, including itop Screen Recorder.  Users can take advantage of a number of potent features without spending a dime, such as 4K quality recording, multiple audio source input, and format conversion. 

Itop Screen Recorder greatly optimises the using steps by providing a friendlier interference, in contrast to other screen recorders with very intricate uis that cause users lots of hassles. 

The complete use procedure can be managed by users in a few simple steps. Itop Screen Recorder ought to be a top choice when considering how to record your PC screen.

Itop Screen Recorder is an excellent option for “how to record your computer screen,” and it has the following capabilities as well:

Wide-ranging Screen Capture

Any screen area, from the entire display to a small dialogue box, can be chosen by users to begin recording. Multiple monitors are also supported by iTop Screen Recorder.

No lag when recording HD

Itop Screen Recorder uses relatively less random access memory thanks to the most recent method. Users scarcely notice that it is even operating. While recording, you can carry on with your task or switch at random.

Edit following recording

Itop Screen Recorder is not only a screen recorder for Windows 10, but it is also a simple video editor. Your recorded films can be freely edited by others to make them excellent.

Itop Screen Recorder: How Do I Use It?

Step 1 is to download and launch itop Screen Recorder for Windows.

Customize your recording settings in step two. The recording area, speaker and system audio input, and mouse click recording are all freely selectable options. Once the settings are complete, click “REC” to begin recording.

How to Record Your Screen on a Computer – Windows Xbox Game Bar

Microsoft has been working to make its products’ borders obsolete in recent years. They all use the same system, just like Windows Mobile, the Surface, or the Xbox gaming console. It makes sense that a “Xbox Game Bar”-style screen recorder has been moved to a PC desktop. Xbox Game Bar is less feature-rich and more difficult to use than itop Screen Recorder. However, it is also a fantastic option if you’re wondering how to record your screen on a laptop because it is dependent on the original system and users don’t have to download additional software.

How Do I Use the Xbox Game Bar?

Step 1: Press Windows on your keyboard or click the lower left bottom. Go to “Setting” and then “Gaming.”

Turn on the Xbox Game Bar in step two. In the meanwhile, stop the setup and begin recording by pressing Windows + G on your keyboard. To begin, click the bottom as seen in the image below.

Chrome Extensions for Recording Your Computer’s Screen

According to statistics, Google Chrome is the most widely used desktop browser worldwide. Its large library is the primary factor in its excellence. 

Today, a large number of creative developers continue to add to the Google Chrome extension library by developing innumerable amazing built-in apps. One of them is the screen. You may quickly record your screen with it without having to download any additional software. 

Additionally, using it is completely free and environmentally friendly. The only issue is that Chrome has some restrictions on capturing content. However, the majority of the needs of the users were already met.

How Do I Use the Screens Chrome Extension?

Start by launching the Chrome browser. For more customised options, go to “more tools” in the upper right corner, then “extensions.” To access Chrome Web Store, click the upper left corner.

Step 2: Find Screens on the Google Web Store and install it. Then, open it by following the instructions below.

Step 3: From Screens, select the website you want to video capture application on your computer. And decide where to go. Finally, press the lower-left bottom to begin computer screen recording.


The three simplest methods to screen record your computer in 2022 are demonstrated in this post. You are not need to download any additional software for the second or third option. But as a result, they only fully perform a portion of the tasks that a screen recorder is designed to do. Itop Screen Recorder is typically recommended for its all-in-one and user-friendly capabilities. Try out itop Screen Recorder if you’re still unsure how to capture your computer screen.

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