Why Should You Use White Space to Improve Website Design

White space refers to the space left in between elements of your website design. When designers talk about white space, they actually mean negative space. This space, mostly ‘white’ in colour, makes a conscious effort to add to your design more emphasis and structure. It gives more focus to the content and delimits one element from the other.

White space is a fundamental building block of good design for various reasons. While aesthetics is one of the benefits, others revolve around tangible impacts on the effectiveness of the page. Being a professional website design company, we understand theimportance of white space in website designs. So, today, we will discuss the benefits of white space to improve your designs. Let’s get started!

1. Highlight Important Elements

White space is a creative way to draw the attention of visitors to a particular content which is the chief object of the design or a CTA button. Although there are various visual ways to highlight the important content, utilizing the white space around it can be one of the most effective ways to create a certain look in a design piece.

The absence of these cluttered and overcrowded elements will allow the users to focus on the key message or design in front of them. This way, the white space will make the important elements in the page stand out and also help users to understand what they are viewing.

2. Improves Readability

Users visit your website to get information on particular topics. Therefore, you must enhance the readability of your content. If the page is crowded with text and images, it can make your design a bit difficult to read and comprehend.

Some of the factors that can have a strong impact on readability include font size, colour variation among others. But most importantly, it’s the white space around blocks of text that has a great influence on content readability as it offers better content understanding.

Line spacing also plays a vital role in enhancing the transparency and readability of content. So, try to keep the space within each line in a paragraph to provide a satisfactory experience to the readers.

3. Separates Elements Without Visible Dividers

Using visible lines to divide independent elements on a page works perfectly in various website designs. However, one of the drawbacks of noticeable dividers is that they add extra and unnecessary visual weight and it can make the entire design look a bit complex.

So, it is advisable to separate segments by elements (say, charts, icons, etc.) and spacing and avoid using lines. Lesser lines with other visible dividers will offer your interface a perfect feel.

A website owner has a lot of things to worry about. Everything from creating/managing coming soon pages and author boxes to acquiring emergency tools is their responsibility. For that reason, the role of a website owner should be taken on only if you have great abilities and confidence.

4. Enhance Visual Appeal

As we have already mentioned, white space improves the visibility of the offerings. Further, you can also utilize it to create focus, balance, and a sense of elegance. White space acts as an essential element in layouts by setting the product or services of an organization in the limelight.

So, thoughtful and strategic use of white space will provide a more professional representation of your brand and convey your message to the target audience as well. If required, consider engaging professional website development services and get a perfect website design with the proper usage of white space.

5. Explains Connection Between Objects

When we come across a new layout, we find it to be an amalgamation of independent elements. Our intellect tends to create a connection among these objects on the page. This cognitive psychology known as Gestalt principle underlines that elements that are close to each other have some connection between them and they create a structure. Here, the negative space is used strategically. You can leverage this idea in the graphic design of your website.


Now, we hope you understand that white space is not really an empty space, rather, it’s a powerful design element. Maintaining an ideal level of white space in the design composition and building a balance will only come by experience and practice. So, contact a renowned website design company that understands your requirements and provides cost-effective services for your business.

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