What is a water chiller?

Chillers are industrial cooling systems, often used in factories or other workplaces whose operation requires a precise temperature. A water-cooled chiller is the machine that uses liquids to lower the temperature inside a factory, a production building or a power plant.

What makes it particularly useful is the fact that it is easy to install, extremely fuel efficient and perfect for ensuring a homogeneous temperature at every stage of production.

What happens if you don’t use chillers in your factory

Each production process involves a certain amount of energy released by the machinery in the form of heat. This increases the temperature in the room where you work, and may even have serious consequences. An inconsistent temperature could create:

  • faster machinery overuse and deterioration;
  • unsafe working conditions;
  • wrong changes to the production process.

To make factories more efficient, this heat dispersion must be kept under control with an industrial chiller.

In addition to allowing a healthy and safe working environment for employees, the water-cooled chiller also saves the company a certain amount of time, money and resources. The more efficient the process becomes, the less waste occurs in its various phases. Furthermore, cooling the working environment also means producing lower emissions of Co2 and other harmful emissions. Climate change can also be stopped thanks to the awareness of organizations, companies and factories that are committed to finding a more eco-friendly way of working.

How the water-cooled chiller works

Water-cooled chillers are usually made in two different ways:

– Water-cooled chillers with scroll compressors offer ease of installation and maximum operating efficiency. They adapt quickly and easily to the floor plan of each facility, making them ideal choices for renovation projects or new industrial buildings.

– Screw compressor water-cooled chillers are designed to reduce running and maintenance costs. They offer lower life cycle costs and improved reliability due to simplicity of design.

These types of industrial cooling are useful in every industry and production sector, but have different characteristics for food or pharmaceutical production compared to mechanical or manufacturing. How can you find the right one? The perfect water-cooled chiller for your factory can be one of the models produced by the companies dedicated to these machines. Or it can be created specifically for your needs, adapting the power, size and positioning of the machinery to the factory you need to cool down.

Do chillers affect company life?

Of course they do. In addition to making the production process more efficient, they are extremely useful for your workers’ comfort. Remember that workers often have to wear special overalls, gloves and hard hats in order to protect themselves from the machinery they work with. This means that they risk heat strokes, especially if the outside or inside temperature is excessive.

A water-cooled chiller system allows you to keep the heat inside the factory constant, for the best safety and comfort of those who work inside your company and nearby. This solution can be used in factories but also in warehouses, power plants and other industrial production areas.

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