What are a few real-life examples of jobs to be done? Use this as inspiration for your business!

As a business, you constantly need to figure out ways to evolve and change. You need to change your marketing strategy so you can appeal to your target market and gain new customers. You need to keep your current clientele and earn new customers by figuring out why they like your products, why they keep coming back for more, and how they influence your marketing strategy.

In addition, you can rethink your products and services by taking customer experience and satisfaction into account. By doing research and adopting new practices as your business changes, you can make smart decisions about your business moving forward. Let’s see some examples of inspiration you can use for your company to figure out what might need to be altered in the future! Reach out to Brian Rhea if you wish to learn more about jobs to be done.

Here are a few real-life examples of jobs to be done to help your business succeed!

First, what are the jobs to be done in theory? The jobs to be done theory focuses on the ‘job’ to be done, or what the problem is that needs to be answered before the business can move forward. In basic terms, the customers buy a product or service to make them happy and fulfill a need for their life – instead of just buying a product to buy it, they are buying it to have to do a ‘job’.

In this case, businesses need to know the jobs to be done framework and how they can apply this to their new marketing strategy and product innovation. Jobs to be done refers to figuring out how to answer questions such as “help me do….” or “I need to…”.

Connecting remote workers through Zoom

One of the main examples of jobs to be done is connecting remote workers. Such as during the pandemic where everyone was working from home, Zoom and other online methods can help connect remote workers by aiding collaboration and meetings with people across the world. In this case, the job that needs to be accomplished is engaging with colleagues who live in different locations.

Provide a secure online payment method

The second job to be done for example is providing a secure way to make online payments by using apps like Venmo or PayPal. In this case, their job to be done is figuring out how to provide a trustworthy and secure platform that encourages people to pay through the internet instead of sending money via other methods.

Delivering food safely

The third example of a jobs to be done framework for businesses is using a food delivery service, like GrubHub or DoorDash to deliver food conveniently, quickly, and safely. The job to be done is getting food delivered directly to your door without having to leave your house due to safety concerns or timing issues.

Serving runners

The final jobs to be done for example is helping provide athletic apparel and footwear specifically for athletes who need intense equipment. For example, Nike created shoes that are specifically designed for runners to excel at the top of their sport. Runners need a job to be done – their shoes being made to the best of their ability – and Nike can provide that job to the customers.


As you can see, customizing and using the jobs to be done framework can help businesses personalize their marketing efforts and customer strategies to figure out how to best reach their target market and boost customer satisfaction levels.

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