VoIP – The Future of Global Telecommunications

Virtual phone numbers bring with them an impressive number of advantages that can help your company race ahead of business rivals. State-of-the-art technology ensures that you’re VoIP/DID phone numbers have several revolutionary features that can transport your company on to the fast track of success.

CallHippo is the leading service provider in the field of virtual telephony. It can provide VoIP/DID phone numbers in over 190 countries, and help your organization customize a package according to its unique business requirements. Customer toll-free numbers make sure that your clients get the highest support service levels and remain happy with your two-way communication.

Getting a local number such as a UK virtual phone number for business can prove to be a transformational tool and help your company establish concrete business relations in international land. Clients feel satisfied that the company values them to keep the lines of communication open and transparent. Thus the company’s reputation increases along with its loyal customer base.

Local phone numbers such as a UK virtual phone number help organizations gain a solid base in international markets and build a solid client base. Here are some beautiful features and facilities of CallHippo’s cloud-based phone systems:

Call Recording

The innovative feature of call recording allows your organization to retain a log of all customer calls, which can be accessed at any time. This facility is beneficial in finding out gaps in customer service, and previous call conversations can be used as a potent tool for training staff members for better performance.

Call Planner

Your business does not need to worry about different time zones anymore. Even if you are calling a client or customer in another country, the call planner feature allows you to schedule the call at a convenient time. A call planner is a great way to organize communication and make sure that your calling stays super productive.

Call Forwarding

Your managers do not need to miss even a single business call anymore – the useful call forwarding feature allows all your calls to be transferred to any other mobile or personal number. Your virtual phone number will keep you connected all the time and will enable you to access your calls even when you are away from the office premises.

Call Analytics

Virtual phone systems facilitate your organization to track calls and measure your phone support performance. It has the ability to monitor essential performance parameters and measure crucial factors such as the number of missed calls, the workload of each team member, and call efficiency, making sure that your company remains on the top of its game.


If your team members miss out on important business calls, they even have the option to have a voice message recorded and saved to their personal inbox. Voicemail enhances convenience, speed, and flexibility – making sure that important messages can be accessed in the mailbox and there is no loss of proficiency.

Virtual phone numbers are a huge boon for organizations, and allow them to collaborate effectively with team members to create a work environment that engages, drives and motivates employees to thrive on great communication practices. There is seamless business connectivity, superior voice quality calling, and none of these advantages put any extra financial burden on the company, as virtual telephony is super affordable.

It is surely time to move over from time-consuming and lengthy communication methods – just sign up with CallHippo to set up your own support center in less than three minutes. CallHippo’s android virtual phone app will help you keep your communication mobile, flexible, and it is a very convenient platform to access your entire business calling.

Voice calling has undoubtedly become the raging trend across verticals in many diverse industries. Getting a cloud-based phone system for business is a long-term solution to all your communication problems and inefficiencies. Businesses with mobile-friendly processes, responsive customer service, and adaptable work cultures are most suited to virtual phone numbers as they can revolutionize old communication practices with this miraculous technology.

Virtual telephony has unified communication all over the business world – it provides a consolidated technique to enhance domestic/international calling at very inexpensive pricing plans. It is hard to ignore this revolutionary technology, as it has invaded all significant organizations in the past couple of decades. It holds a prominent place and has slowly become the most preferred means of communication amongst business executives and leadership.

The future of virtual phone systems looks promising and exciting – CallHippo is definitely the most credible and authentic service provider in the market space, so make sure to invest in the best virtual phone number for your organization. Power-packed with utility features – VoIP/DID phone numbers are a certain way to transfigure and update your communication practices and take them to elevated pinnacles.

Today’s business arena is extremely competitive, with rival companies fighting for the exact same target customers with limited resources. In such a scenario, virtual phone numbers are a simple necessity that may boost operational efficiency, build up solid client satisfaction, and help your manufacturer establish its credibility in a foreign market.

Virtual phone techniques bring about a lot of advantages for the modern business organization by streamlining communication practices in an effective way. Investing in an intelligent VoIP phone system is a smart move that your company will definitely not regret — it will increase bottom line profits significantly and keep your company perched on the summit of commercial achievement!

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