Various types of safety shoes found in Kenya

Every Kenyan worker has a right to a safer working environment and thus the need for protective gears. Putting on the right footwear is necessary in almost all the working environments. Safety shoes protect our feet and toes from any type of injury mostly those as a result of electric hazards, in damp conditions and from falling heavy objects.

Safety shoes are the lightest type of footwear with protective toe caps made of steel. They are a legal requirement in many countries for different working spaces such as in food industries, warehouses and in most farms during irrigation. As indicated below, these shoes are available in a number of styles depending on their functionality.

The common types are the anti-slip, heat resistant, steel/comp toe, steel insole and electricity hazard safety shoes.

Comp toe safety shoes.

Arecommonly worn by the firefighters, police men and people working in the construction industry where heavyweight equipment are handled on a daily basis. Comp toe safety shoes are designed with an exceptional material around the toes to keep you safe from injuries that might be caused by the falling items.

Electricity hazard footwear

Every year, Kenya records an average of 1 123 deaths as a result of mishaps caused by electricity. Safety shoes in Kenya, particularly the electric hazard ones were designed for employees working with power and other high voltage machineries to reduce these cases. They are fitted with soles that have the capacity to reduce the extent of an electric shock.

Anti-slip shoes

Trip resistance is considered as a necessity in almost all the safety footwear. As an employer, before making any purchase, enquire from your supplier whether the shoe has been tested for slip resistance. They must be fitted with the correct sole grip and tread for maintaining balance to prevent tripping while working on slippery floors.

Safety shoes with steel insole

There are several individuals who have been employed to drive long distance trucks while others cycle to deliver products for their companies. Most of them have recorded increased cases of bone and joint complications after a few years of working. Steel insole shoes help in stabilising your feet by reducing the number of movements you make while driving, guaranteeing your safety and health.

Heat resilient shoes

Employers exposed to extreme temperatures such as welding and firefightingrequire a pair of safety footwear that is particularly breathable to withstand the heat. These type of shoes are mostly made up of abrasion resistant rubber material that cannot catch fire easily causing injuries.


There are numerous styles of safety shoes in Kenya that can be worn in different environments. In addition to the ones listed above, others include the metatarsal shoes designed to protect the upper part of your feet from sharp objects, waterproof shoes to prevent frostbite on wet conditions and even sporty safety shoes for exercising. The big question should be on how to select the correct shoe type based on your budget, functionality and durability. For more about safety shoes, check

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