Top Crypto Events of 2023

Are You an Enthusiastic Crypto Enthusiast Looking to Expand your Knowledge on the Industry Attending upcoming crypto events calendar is an excellent way to expand and learn more about this industry, often held internationally featuring leading minds.

One of the world’s premier cryptocurrency events, World Crypto Conference (WCC) brings together top developers, investors and blockchain companies in DeFi, Metaverse and traditional finance. There will also be debates, panels and workshops focusing on NFTs (Near Financial Trading), Metaverse technologies and other topics related to crypto.

World Crypto Conference (WCC)

WCC is an annual global event dedicated to blockchain companies and startups, developers, investors, media, traditional corporates, as well as emerging ICO projects. Speakers at WCC include Binance, Huobi, Skynet Trading, Warner Bros. Aave Animoca Brands Curve Binance GMEX Group as some of the major names.

The WCC serves as a bridge between blockchain technology, Web 3.0 and Metaverse environments by convening some of the most innovative thinkers and leaders from across these realms – including NFT creators, DeFi spearheads, AI pioneers, artists, gaming tycoons, data analysts and Metaverse instigators.

This event provides a series of sessions, round tables and keynotes centered around NFT and art, DeFi in 2023, Play-to-earn games with real world implications, Metaverse scenarios with real-life implications as well as offering a pitch competition for startups. Additionally, the conference hosts an exhibition hall. Make sure to check the blockchain events calendar for 2023.

NFT Show Europe

NFT Show Europe 2022 (#NFTSE22) will become Europe’s go-to meeting place for digital art enthusiasts, blockchain pioneers, collectors and experts in the near future. Set to take place from September 17th-18th 2022 in Valencia Spain, this multisensorial experience seeks to mesmerize visitors through experimental and interactive art.

Attending NFT events is crucial for both crypto enthusiasts and professionals, as it keeps them abreast of industry developments while networking in their communities. Furthermore, conferences like these often present cutting-edge blockchain and web 3.0 technologies which professionals can take advantage of to strengthen industry collaborations.

NFT Show Europe held its inaugural show from September 17th-18th at Valencia, Spain’s futuristic City of Arts and Sciences venue was host to visitors from 59 different nations, showcasing blockchain and web 3.0 technologies as well as their potential use within businesses and artistic innovation.

CoinDesk Consensus

Consensus, CoinDesk’s flagship event for Web3 events, brings together all sides of the crypto and blockchain communities in order to calibrate, collaborate and find solutions. This year’s Consensus promises an array of stimulating conversations, workshops and thought leadership panels – no doubt setting off much excitement among its participants!

The main stage will feature several large-scale interactive experiences to motivate attendees and equip them to leave their mark on the world. Notable among these will be the CoinDesk Consensus Ominator, an impressive display showcasing all that is cutting edge crypto and blockchain tech.

As well as the ominator, there will be other exciting ways to earn DESK and claim special onsite rewards such as food, beverage and merchandise – such as Twitter quests and the DESK Treasure Hunt! Also look out for any unique gimmicks you won’t find elsewhere – be sure to set up your account now so you’re prepared when they arrive on site!

Crypto Art Show

Crypto Art is a new subcategory of digital artwork sold and collected on blockchain platforms. Crypto Art encompasses everything from virtual reality dreamscapes to dynamic artworks that change over time.

Artwork may include music and other audio files. Artworks are usually verified using non-fungible tokens (NFT), which serve as unique identifiers to verify ownership of digital files.

NFT-inspired artworks are becoming an integral part of crypto culture. You can purchase these pieces on many of the top cryptocurrency marketplaces.

JPG, a new crypto-art platform, allows collectors to organize NFT-based artworks into exhibitions that increase cultural capital through meaningful connections among pieces. One such exhibition, entitled “Deep Time,” went live July 28.

This show will be an important landmark in the evolution of crypto art, demonstrating how our physical and digital realities are becoming increasingly interwoven and accessible, while NFTs have revolutionized how we collect digital art.

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