Top 7 Instagram Marketing Strategies

Instagram marketing strategies are a set of actions defined by business owners to use Instagram as a platform for achieving business goals as well as marketing. Instagram marketing strategy is one of the most vital parts of social media marketing strategies.

The massive popularity of social media platforms has changed the aspects of social media marketing for businesses. More than 20 million businesses in the United States use Instagram or promote their product, services, and brand. Even though the platform is full of high competition, marketers are trying to stand apart from the crowd by creating more eye-catching content. Create posts for Instagram by using online graphic design tools to make your profile attractive.. Most marketers are leveraging the benefits of Instagram to increase their engagement and followers through likes, direct messages, links, and comments.

In the beginning, Instagram was just a photo-sharing social media platform. But, now it has become one of the most important and primary sources of generating revenue for many businesses. You can create an engaging community with Instagram.

In this article, we will discuss the top 7 Instagram marketing strategies that you need to know.

Experiment with Curated Content

Being extra captivated with your content sometimes become very exhausting for the marketers. The best way to ensure your creativity is by using curated content from appropriate profiles. Marketers are using content creation as an alternative from being repetitive and monotonous. The same concept is also applicable for Instagram marketing where you can choose relevant content topic ideas that will work best with your followers. You can increase the effectiveness of your curated content when you buy comments.

If you have some vacant spaces in your content calendar and you don’t have anything to fill the spaces, curated content will help you. Apart from that, curated content also help you to connect with Instagram influencers or brand yourself as an industry expert.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio

Instagram bio is the small area below the username of your Instagram profile. This is the part where you share some basic and important information about your brand or business. This area typically consists of your brand name, services and products description, contact information, profile details, and one URL of your website.

Your Instagram bio is the first thing that will generate an impression about your page. So, you need to make sure that your bio is engaging, informing and, captivating to attract the attention of audiences.

Apart from including a short description of your products or services, make sure you’re also including some details about the content you intend to share. You can also use Emojis with your brand language to make your bio funny. As driving traffic to website URL is very important, you need to place them on the bio too.

Develop Content Calendar

One of the greatest ways to receive maximum output from Instagram is by publishing content consistently. Hence, you should have a content calendar that will help you to upload on the right schedule. It will also allow you to create uploading plans and automate the process of uploading when your followers are most active.

Your Instagram content calendar must consist of a caption, graphic link, content type, video link, hashtags, date, time, and day of publishing. Always plan your content at least 1 week prior so that you could have enough time to make some changes.

If you want to keep your audiences engaged, use a combination of relevant content and format in the calendar such as text graphics, memes, images, infographics, quotes, and videos.

Implement Relevant Hashtags

The hashtags carry extreme importance on Instagram. The content you search on the Instagram Discover tab is based on the hashtags you implement. Instagram users can also follow these hashtags and the content uploaded with the specific hashtags will show up in their Instagram newsfeed. Instagram algorithms use hashtags to solidity the content suggestions to audiences.

With the budding competition on Instagram, hashtags are also becoming extra prominent. You can use 30 hashtags per upload on Instagram. Even though it’s tempting to use 30 hashtags in a post, but you should not add hashtags without creating a proper Instagram hashtag strategy. Marketing experts suggested that you should use 11 hashtags per post. Additionally, make sure you’re not using overly famous hashtags. Hashtags will undoubtedly increase the engagement of your posts. So, it’s very important to use hashtags.

Leverage Instagram Stories

The engagement rate of Instagram stories is the highest amongst all social media platforms. It’s a very tool that will help your brand to connect and engage with your audiences very quickly. An Instagram story is all about short clips that consist of images, GIFs, or links. But, remember that Instagram stories will last for up to 24 hours.

You can also leverage Instagram stories to promote your content amongst various Instagram users. For instance, you can feature your newly launched product or share a preview of your Instagram post in the stories. Through stories, you can also ask questions to your audiences. After receiving answers, you can share their responses in your story.


IGTV is a video application introduced by Instagram that also works as a functionality on the Instagram application. With IGTV, users can share videos from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. But, the time limit can also reach as high as 60 minutes. As per Social Pilot, IGTV is still a new feature on Instagram.

If your brand needs to upload large video content on Instagram, IGTV is the best solution for you. Businesses are using the features of IGTV in various ways to boost their marketing strategies.

Respond to Comments and DMs

One of the most effective ways of building an interactive community is by boosting engagement and making sure you communicate with your audiences. DMs or direct messages are the best ways to get in touch with your followers.

Make sure your DMs are turned on so that you can receive notifications from all the users. Reply to every message as they will help you to generate leads. You can also hire someone from the sales background to leverage the different factors of DMs. If you want to receive a lot of comments in your posts, IIgers will help you.

Additionally, don’t forget to reply to the comments in your posts. This will allow you to continue the conversations. When your users receive a reply from you, they’ll be encouraged to comment more on your every post.


These are the top 7 Instagram marketing strategies you need to keep in mind. Instagram has proved as one of the strongest social media platforms for business owners and marketers. Not only Instagram will allow you to build a community, but also helps you to showcase your creativity.

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