Top 5 Tools you Need to Know as a Software Engineer

As a software engineer, you should know that managing and making software is not an easy task. Still, this does not mean that it should be more difficult than it ought to be. Software making and managing can be pretty difficult to do manually. However, technology has made it possible for software engineers to do their jobs easier and faster.

Modern-day tools have been introduced that can help you as a software engineer. These tools differ from one another in terms of efficiency and features. All in all, these tools are here to cut your workload in half. More so, it is therefore essential that you are aware of these tools. Some of these tools are:

1. GitHub

This is a popular tool for software engineers all over the world. GitHub is a platform where you can do almost anything with your software. It contains features that make it possible for you to use it as a platform for developing your software. Aside from that, it makes it possible to interact with other software engineers on the platforms. You’ll be capable of working together with other software engineers on your software as a team. Also, you will be able to deploy your software on the platform. Using this, you’ll be able to get useful feedback on the software before you release it globally.

2. CMake

CMake is a well-known tool for software engineers. It is a platform for software written in C. This tool makes it possible to develop the program or software on the platform. Using open-source technology, software engineers can build automation for programs easily. Its numerous features make it possible for engineers to make use of it alongside IDEs. Many popular companies have made use of this tool to create useful software for their business. If you want to develop software written in C easily, this is the tool for you.

3. Atom

A software engineer does not only involve developing and deploying apps. You’ll also need to write the software before you start developing it. This is where you’ll have to employ a text editor, where you’ll write the code. When talking about text editors, it doesn’t get better than Atom. This special text editor contains features that most others don’t. With its open-source code and special integrations, developing your software will be very easy. However, when you are looking for an efficient text editor for your software, go for Atom.


This is a very useful tool for all software engineers. Especially if you are new to software engineering, you’ll be prone to make mistakes while coding. These mistakes will be a big problem to tackle when you’ve finished the entire software. So, it is best to know these mistakes while you’re still developing the program. ESLint is a static code analysis tool that can help to find these mistakes. Using this tool, you’ll be capable of taking care of these mistakes as soon as you make them.

5. Jenkins

When you are looking for an easy tool that will make your software making and developing easy, Jenkins is perfect for you. Also, it makes coding easy by removing most of the hard manual processes. Not to mention, this tool offers a wide range of options and tools that can be used by software engineers instead of doing everything manually. In addition, Jenkins is a tool that can easily be customized to suit the software engineer’s wishes.


Making, managing, and developing software does not have to be a necessarily difficult task. Modern-day technology has helped software engineers in a lot of ways. With the special tools that it has created, software engineers can do their jobs without any stress. Finally, you can learn more about the best engineering tools from Open Services. Wondering how does OSLC work? Then check here for more details.

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