Top 3 Online Billing & Invoicing QuickBooks Alternatives for Businesses [Android]

QuickBooks is a good Online Billing Software for all kinds of businesses. However, it doesn’t always have the features and capabilities you might need in your invoicing tool. Sometimes, it turns out to be expensive for small businesses. 

If any of the above scenarios are similar to yours, you must be looking for a better QuickBooks alternative. So, in this post, we have covered 3 most potent invoicing and billing software for enterprises, mid-sized ventures, and startups.

As we strictly believe in good tools being cross-platform compatible, so our list just has the solutions which have their Invoice Receipt Maker App Android as well as iOS. 

Before we jump into talking about the QuickBooks alternative solutions, let’s first see what QuickBooks is at a glance.

QuickBooks and its Capabilities 

QuickBooks is a feature-rich online invoice creator with a lot more abilities related to finance operations. It is GST compliant and lets you do cloud accounting so that the data across the organization could be accessed from anywhere and at any time – by authorized individuals, of course.

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Invoicing module of QuickBooks lets users create invoices, estimates, bills, and sales receipts. For this purpose, the tool has multiple templates with a customization facility. From the format to brand-aligned design/styling, everything can be moderated by QuickBooks user businesses.

You can add multiple users from your organizations to the QuickBooks account and assign them roles in order to control their access rights. With the free unlimited support and mobile apps (Android and iOS), this accounting tool is quite good for various types of businesses.

Besides all the above details, here are a few more capabilities possesses by QuickBooks solution are:

  • Online banking and automatic transactions
  • Customized dashboards and timeline-based reports
  • Employee as well as project time-tracking 
  • Payments and cash flow tracking
  • Automate invoice Reminders and scheduling of invoices/bills


QuickBooks’ single-user business account subscription costs $12.5 per month while for freelancers, the cost is $7.5. Its Plus version (for up to 5 users) is worth $35 per month while the Advanced version (for up to 25 users) is worth $75 per month. 

For all kinds of accounts, there is a 30-day free trial facility too.

Why you might need Online Billing Software other than QuickBooks?

We agree that QuickBooks has all the basic and advanced features an Online billing software may need. But after seeing multiple top tools in this category, we reached the conclusion that this solution is indeed not the best. The drawbacks of QuickBooks are:

  1. Its inventory tracking interface is not very user-friendly.
  2. It lacks barcode scanning and eCommerce related facilities which are essential for many of you.
  3. The number of users and transactions are limited – could be insufficient sometimes. 
  4. A limited and not-so-unique collection of invoice/billing templates.
  5. Double-entry problems are quite common.

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List of the best QuickBooks Alternatives

Now that you have read about the profits as well as the consequences of using QuickBooks for your enterprise, it is time to list out the best alternatives to this accounting and invoicing solution. 

Here are the top 3 QuickBooks alternatives and details on why have we selected these for you:

  • Moon Invoice

Apart from the features that QuickBooks offers, Moon Invoice lets the businesses or professionals add unlimited number of clients to their dashboard. 

Its web app, as well as native mobile apps (Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS), render a user-friendly and neat interface, which is way better than QuickBooks. Templates in the Moon Invoice Invoice Receipt Maker App Android (or any other platform) are unique and amazing.

You may integrate this tool with Moon POS to leverage barcode scanning and other dozens of inventory and POS-related features.

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Moon Invoice Silver plan ($8.33 per month) comes with all the features but is for single-business single-user. Silver Plus Plan ($10.42 per month) is the package for a business that needs 5 accounts.

For up to 3 businesses, you may take Gold ($16.67/month) or Gold Plus ($20.83/month) plan. You may have a single business user and five business user accounts with it, respectively. 

30-day free trial facility is available for all plans by Moon Invoice.

  • Sage Accounting

While Sage has all the features as QuickBooks has, its key advantage for business users is that you can add any number of professionals as users. Also, it lets you perform transactions any number of times and has an unlimited chart of accounts. 

The thing that Sage Accounting exceptionally does well is handling and automating the finance-related workflows. Also, it is comparatively easy to use the Sage Accounting tool.


Sage Accounting Start Package costs $10 per month while the Sage Accounting package costs $25 per month. However, for the first 6 months, the latter package is available for 50% cost i.e. $12.5 per month. You may get a 30-day free trial for both of these Sage Account Software plans.

Sage Accounting package has basic features, alongside support to unlimited users, cash flow prediction module, quotes/estimates sending feature, and purchase order management facility.

  • Xero

Xero is our third and last QuickBooks Alternative in this list. It is pretty simple to QuickBooks but it allows unlimited users for your business account, just as Sage Accounting. Unlike many accounting and invoicing tools that need 30-day notice, you may cancel Xero’s subscription at any time. 

This solution is especially good for small businesses, bookkeepers, and accountants. However, for enterprises and ventures with diverse business identities, this solution will probably be insufficient.

Xero does not have a rich template directory as Moon Invoice has, and as good support services as Sage accounting software provides. That’s the reason why we kept this Invoice Receipt Maker App Android in the last position here. 


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The starter plan of Xero lets you send 20 invoices and create 5 bills for one currency. It is worth $20 per month. The standard plan priced at $30 per month has no such limit on the number of bills/invoices but it also works for one currency.

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For multi-currency billing/invoicing, you can take the premium plan at the monthly incurring of $40. Xero offers 30 days free trial facility too.

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QuickBooks alternative invoicing and billing tools are good for the businesses that need more features or concession. Enterprises must also look for the solutions with their mobile apps, in order to use it seamlessly across the platforms.

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We suggested Moon Invoice as the top QuickBooks alternative in the above post and gave reasons for the same. Other two solutions, i.e. Xero and Sage Accounting, are also trusted and can be considered.

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