Tips to excel in class 8 maths Olympiad exam

There is no doubt that Olympiad exams are those competitive exams which students give at school level and are of a separate accord. These exams and their popularity over these years have grown threefold. This is because the parents, school and various other institutes have realised the speciality of these exams and benefits caused by the exam. These exams just do not benefit for this particular reason but also makes sure there are various other benefits attached along with it so as to help the students in much more things. Now that to enter or appear in an Olympiad it is important that students have to make sure they go through basic things such as the registration process, rules and regulations, eligibility criteria and all kinds of procedures related to the same. Once all these pre-executive steps are taken by the students it is time where they start preparing for these exams. Further, if the students are properly interested and goal-oriented towards achieving something through these exams there are good chances that they can top these exams and immensely grow their ability to analyse, interpret, infer, conclude and do various other things. Hence here in the upcoming lines, we will get to see the tips a student must take in order to excel in a class 8 maths Olympiad exam.

  1. What to prepare: This is the first question that must pop in the heads of each and every student who is preparing for these Olympiads such as IMO. This is because Olympiads and the way they work are entirely different from that of normal examinations. It is such that the syllabus which normal exams have is considerably narrow and it usually has an extent to be prepared for based on each and every exam and can be said they do not have vast ends. However, it looks the vice versa when it comes to Olympiad exams. They contain a vast and wide scope of the syllabus. However, it is easy to differentiate between the important ones and the non-important ones. Therefore a student must make sure he does this in the first regard.
  2. Collecting and using study material: As it is said in the above paragraph Olympiads by themselves do not have a small ambit of things rather is at times like an ocean. However, if a student is able to identify the syllabus and also able to find the weightage of each and every part of the syllabus it will be easier for the students in preparing for the exam. This is because the availability of materials and keys one can use for this type of exam is again large in number. Hence post the 1st step the following step the student has to take is to get suitable study material and make usage of the same. IMO Class 8 2014 question paper is one such useful material in this sense.
  3. Exam Pattern: Now that the initial steps of what to be done and from where to be done is over it is important to know the exam pattern or in other words, we can say that the way the questions are to be presented before a student. This forms an important part of the preparation so as to score good marks in an Olympiad. If a student does not know the pattern of the exam preparation in regards to the same would be nothing just wasteful.
  4. Working on skills and concepts: The main motive to present these types of exams is to help students grow well in the mathematical concepts and at the same time improve various other skills pertaining to analysis, infer, apply and a few other attached skills. Hence it is important that students do not just mug up the questions and appear in an exam. This means that one must make sure they have a good understanding of the concepts, knows the basics, and a few other things attached to the same. We can actually say that the goal behind keeping these Olympiads is as same as the way of preparation. If only these skills come into play it will be vaguely possible for students at times even to pass or be eligible for moving even to the next level.
  5. It is also important that students develop these 3 additional things in order to appear in these exams. They are time management, practice and regularity.

These 3 though are not employed tips in a specific sense however they have a large role in the success of students in an examination. 

Time management: Time management, in this case, is not one dimensional but also two dimensional because time management is required both at the time of preparation as well as during the time of exam. With such a vast syllabus and availability of materials, it is important that a student is able to manage it wisely and prepare in accordance with it. Further, it is also important to wisely use the time during the time of the exam to finish the Olympiad without any tussle.

Practice: There is no task that can be completed without having at least a bare minimum of practice. As these exams particularly test certain skills of a student it is important a good amount of practice and effort is given.

Regularity: Regularity if seen in a proper manner it can be understood at times it is just the product of time management and practice. This is because if a student has to give these exams it is important that they are in constant touch with the preparation. Not just that it is to be made sure that he or she does in accordance with time management skills.

Therefore if a student is able to make sure to remember all these above-mentioned points then further go on and execute them with a calm and composed mind it will be rightly possible to crack these types of exams without causing any problems or trouble. It is through these simple yet efficient tricks these exams help us to show some overall development and growth. 

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