Tips for using Instagram for E-commerce

Instagram is a versatile social media platform that does much more than aiding marketing and stands tall among all other social media channels in promoting business. To sell your products online or to set up an E-Commerce store you should not think twice about using Instagram because of its massive outreach to more than a billion active users and incredible engagement rate that lead to higher conversions and boosts revenue. Although the choice of the social media platform for your business depends on the type of business and how popular that platform is to the target audience, hosting your business on Instagram seems inevitable because of its excellent business oriented features that give more options for increasing sales.

Using Instagram, you can take to social selling and use the platform as a marketplace and advertising and selling by using paid ads. No matter which method you choose or use a combination of a few techniques, you must not focus on acquiring more followers by nurturing the likes that flow to your content.  Since acquiring followers is a time-consuming process because it depends on earning their trust, it is better to get 20 Instagram likes and boost the campaign from time to time. However, ensure that the followers are genuine, or else mere numbers do not do any good for your business. Even if you have a million followers that do not generate engagement, it is a waste of time and effort.

Different ways of selling on Instagram

Social Selling – When you start social selling, it means that you target your followers first to convert them into customers. It begins by gaining customers organically and then building relationships with them naturally, which lends credibility to your business and makes it trustworthy. The relationship with customers leads to close interactions that engage them with the brand and business by asking them questions, replying to their queries, and responding to complaints and comments. The social selling model generates more than 45% of business opportunities and a cost-effective way to harness relevant traffic because of the high time that people spend across social media.

Selling products on social media by treating it as a marketplace

Instagram allows you to set up shop, showcase your products and even sell it on the platform by using the various features that support the selling activities. The kind of shopping known as social shopping includes purchases made across social media platforms, selling through communities and social marketplaces, or recommendation driven sales generated by the recommendations put forth by the algorithms. By using AI, Instagram keeps recommending products to prospective buyers based on their buying habits and tastes.

When you set up shop on Instagram and start selling on the platform, it allows buyers to buy without leaving the platform. The checkout process happens on the platform only, and there is no need to visit the website or any other platform to complete the process of buying. Instagram is entirely self-sufficient in creating a marketplace on all of its own, and it provides a pleasing shopping experience to buyers.

Instagram makes shopping so simple that any buyer can access their favorite products most conveniently without going through the complexities of the traditional e-commerce platforms. The buying process on Instagram follows a linear pattern without any redirects, and the checkout process is simple too that add to the joys of shopping in just a few steps.

Grow traffic with paid ads

Advertising on social media platforms provides wide brand exposure. The rapid growth of advertising across social media platforms bears testimony to the good returns that businesses can derive from it. Running paid ads on Instagram will rapidly increase the flow of traffic to the website. It multiplies the sales volume faster as the visitors to your Instagram account have the option of shopping on the platform itself or reach your website to complete their purchases depending on their preference. The dual option ensures that visitors to your Instagram account do not leave the platform without completing purchases according to their convenience.

The beauty of Instagram is that you can use it to provide various opportunities to visitors for engaging with the brand that leads to conversions. The growth prospects are much higher by advertising in Instagram Stories.

Instagram shopping ads do the work of CTAs by provoking visitors to take some positive action. You can run organic shopping ads on Instagram, which are like baits. When users tap on the shopping ads, they are directed to an item description page on the platform from where they can reach your mobile shop to complete the purchase.

Acquiring followers is the key to higher sales

Followers on Instagram are potential customers, and you must treat them properly to ensure that they enjoy their journey of converting into customers. The followers include the ones acquired organically as well as the ones procured.  For higher conversion of followers into customers, you must build relationships through close interactions with them and treat them in the way they feel most comfortable. Take advantage of creating exclusive content to a targeted group of followers that pushes them ahead in the purchasing funnel.  By analyzing the behavior of the target groups, you can develop strategies for communication that reinforce the relationship and pave the way for turning customers loyal.

Content is king

Posting high-quality content consistently is the way to generate engagement with users. You must post the content at regular intervals and at the right time when most of your followers are active on Instagram. Scheduling the time of posting content and automating the process will help to maintain consistency.

Create a distinct tone and voice for your content so that it is easily identifiable and the audience can relate quickly to the brand or business by making them eager to interact. This will help you create a brand identity. The better you know your audience, the easier it will be to create content according to their expectations and generate high engagement.

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