Tips For Using Instagram For Business

With over a billion monthly users, it’s not surprising that most businesses use Instagram to reach their target audience. The advertising opportunities presented are undeniably incredible, but as with any other form of marketing, you can only get the desired results if you use it properly. That being said, here are some of the most important marketing tips to implement when using Instagram to boost your business.

  1. Switch to a Business Account

Using a personal account for business reasons means you will not have access to important analytical tools. That’s why before we delve into other tips for this platform, we have included this crucial step first. A business account on Instagram allows you to use:

-IG Ads

-IG insights

-IG shopping

-A CTA (call to action) button

For most marketers, a business account addition by the company has been substantially helpful. If you are still on the fence about making the switch, you will discover several appealing reasons as you proceed. When starting your business account you can purchase likes and comments from Social Shaft to give your new business a boost.

  1. Determine Your Marketing Goals

There is no denying that social media is an extremely vital tool for business marketing today. Whether you are looking to increase the number of sales or raise brand awareness, social media proves to be quite effective. However, these tools can’t give results unless you have clear and concise goals.

Most companies indulging in Instagram marketing aim to achieve varying things, but some of the most common include: Snapchat followers are users who have chosen to subscribe to your account and receive updates from you. They can see the content that you post on your Snapchat story and send you direct messages by simply clicking on profile pics.

-Raising brand awareness

-Increasing sales

-Establishing the company as an industry leader

-Generating more leads

Some people look to achieve various objectives with a single marketing campaign. However, failure to know your objectives means you’re unlikely to make substantial accomplishments when it comes to defining your company’s identity as well as communicating it to potential clients.

  1. Choosing a Profile Picture

Picking the wrong profile picture can be detrimental to your marketing campaign. If people who visit your profile do not associate the profile picture with your brand, they are likely to question its credibility and think that you are running a scam. The best option, therefore, is a photo of your business logo. This helps potential customers instantly know who you are, in addition to being credible.

Also, it is advisable to pick an appropriately sized image that is not of poor quality, appears pixilated, and does not suit the profile picture displays. The platform displays profile pics at 110 X 110 pixels, which are stored at 320 X 320 pixels. As such, it is important that you pick an appropriate picture that’s carefully chosen.

  1. Identifying Your Audience

Doing the proper research can help you get a greater understanding of how to use the best marketing techniques on the platform in order to reach the target audience. Identifying your audience is vital in ensuring that you use the platform in a more efficient manner. Here are a few Instagram statistics examples:

Once you have been able to identify your target audience, the best step is to create content that engages them. Successful performance on social platforms is all about being good at social media community management. The very nature of these platforms hinges on their popularity as being forums or communities for like-minded individuals that share similar tastes and preferences in products or services.

-About 75% of people between age 18 and 24 use Instagram

-About 47% of people between ages 30 and 49 use Instagram

-About 27% of people between ages 50 and 64 use Instagram

This does not mean that you should use the platform to target people who are not between 18 and 24 years. However, it shows that you need to clearly define your target audience. Making content that communicates to an audience directly is important in ensuring that your marketing campaign turns successful.

  1. Optimizing Your Profile

You may not deem your bio to be that important, especially if you have just started using Instagram for business reasons. However, it is vital when it comes to making a good first impression on potential clients. When it comes to marketing on this platform, it’s imperative that your bio showcases your brands’ personality and why it is important for people to follow and keep up with your feed.

However, your profile has other important variables that need to be used properly. A few examples include:

Contact information- Show how people can reach your business

Your Website-  A URL that directs people to your primary business website

Once you have been able to identify your target audience, the best step is to create content that engages them.

Business Category- A feature that shows people the segment of the market your business runs within

A Conversion Button- A call to action or contact form that allows people to engage with your company directly from your contact page on the platform.

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms and learning how to leverage its features and vast audience can do wonders for your business. The above-mentioned tips are just a few, but incredibly efficient ways to make your campaign a success.

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