Three Design Examples For Realtor Farming Postcards To Help Gain New Customers!

Farming postcards can help get your marketing efforts focused on generating the business you want and need with rapid success. Considering that this is what more and more people want and need, they will need a realtor that can provide it for them, and the postcards you send out can provide you with a greater chance of success. Studies have shown that on average, farming postcards offer a fifteen percent increase in business in less than a couple of months, depending on where you are doing your business and how the housing market is.

Targeting Your Audience

You must first pick a design that tailors to the mailing list you have created of the area you are choosing to work with. An example of what we mean is if you will be sending these cards to a school district, you will have to design your cards accordingly so that you may find more customers are liking the look of your card and information instead of the others in the same area.

Brighter Colors Create An Attraction With Real Estate Farming Postcards

The bright color idea is not one that many have come around to. However, studies have shown that more and more buyers are attracted to them because it draws their eyes to your real estate farming postcards, visit Wise Pelican to learn more about it. In particular, a bright yellow encourages potential customers to look at black writing. You can use different fonts and ideas to make the card stand out, but remember not to go too overboard. Use an eye-catching headline that draws in customers and you will be building trust and familiarity. Chances are, they will give their friends a look at your card because it looks exciting and because you have taken the time to create the best design possible.

Pictures Need To Be Utilized

Pictures let clients see what you can do. Just remember that the photographs should not be clip art or low resolution. Clip art is cute for high school presentations. Not for successful and professional realtors. Use crisp pictures taken at the best angles and ensure that they are high resolution. Avoid stock pictures as they will see that there haven’t been many efforts involved. In particular, one thing that clients love is seeing a card with more than one picture because they get a deeper feel of what you are capable of delivering. It also steers them away from your competition which is exactly what you want and need.

Send Real Estate Farming Postcards Often

Just sending real estate farming postcards once isn’t going to do the trick. Sending them frequently will. Let people see your talent with a design that is professional, but interesting. Clean and crisp photos, but not in your face. The right card will draw people in, but a bad design can take them right to your competition. Make the design something that they will remember for good reasons, and you will have a customer base for life.

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