Thinking of visiting Malta? Here are a few tips

Tips before traveling to Malta


Whether you want to book a hotel in Malta, an apartment, or homestay accommodation, always favor online platforms (Booking, Hotels, Airbnb, Agoda, Lastminute, etc.) over direct bookings by clicking on this Malta’s property market highlighted link.

Book a hotel in Malta

Surprisingly, Maltese hoteliers always offer higher prices than the prices visible on online booking sites. This peculiarity is explained in particular by the fact that many hotel rooms are bought in advance by tour operators and purchasing centers at wholesale prices and then resold. Going through online platforms also offers additional security and guarantee. The burden of endless discussion will revert to your booking platform in the event of a problem.

Rent an apartment in Malta

In Malta, be especially careful when booking an apartment if you do not opt ​​for accommodation. In general, it is not recommended to book an apartment directly with an owner without having visited the apartment first. Owners in Malta do not have a very good reputation, as some have the unfortunate tendency to not always return the deposits. In the hustle and bustle of the departure and with the imperative of the return flight, tourists unsuccessful in the event of an incident regularly find themselves having to give up their deposit.

Accommodation during a language study trip

If you are considering being one of the 80,000 students who come to learn English at one of Malta’s language schools every year, contact our team directly. Our local team will help you find a school, accommodation and build your language stay in Malta. We will also provide you with our support in the event of a problem on-site.

The accessories to plan

There are not many accessories to bring before leaving for Malta. However, you will need to protect yourself from the sun and therefore equip yourself accordingly. Malta is also a country with one of the UK-style electrical outlets. We advise you to provide the following accessories so as not to be taken aback on arrival:

A 3-plug adapter to charge your electrical devices upon arrival

A pair of sunglasses

  • 50+ sunscreen (whatever the season)
  • Headwear cap, hat,
  • If you forget, don’t worry, all these accessories are on sale in most supermarkets in the archipelago.
  • The clothes to bring

Going to Malta means going to a hot and sunny country if you go between May and September, avoid the superfluous, it will be hot and you will be wearing shorts (or dress) most of the time, even in the evening. From October to April, temperatures drop, but they hardly ever drop below 10 °. There is, therefore, no need to over-equip yourself; you will not be faced with snow or negative temperatures. The island country, on the other hand, is quite windy during the winter and subject to sea storms. If your stay is planned for the winter months, therefore plan a windbreaker or a jacket with a hood, possibly a hat if you have sensitive ears. For the more athletic, you should know that there is now a decathlon in Malta, so it is possible to equip yourself on the spot if necessary.


For your trips during your vacation in Malta, we advise you to opt for the Bus service (Malta public transport), the cheapest way of getting around the archipelago. If you are staying for several weeks, it may also be interesting for you to opt for a Tallinja Card. We also recommend you to rent a boat in Malta. It will help you to visit the sea and the beautiful scenery around the boat in the sea. The VTC service (the equivalent of UBER) or Bolt, as well as the Cool, shared transport service. Bolt and Cool require you to download an app to your phone two solutions that allow you to obtain transport in less than 5 minutes anywhere on the island and at cheaper rates than conventional taxis. We do not recommend that you use the services of white taxis. You will see them parked in the most touristic places, they are more expensive than Bolt drivers and often rough with travelers. In case of necessity, however, it is essential to always fix the amount of the trip before departure; in case of forgetting the driver will fix the price of the trip himself as he wishes.


Cards and bank charges in Malta

Before departure, we advise you to opt for a bank card with free payments and withdrawals abroad. Once in Malta, always withdraw money from HSBC or BOV (Bank of Valletta) ATMs to avoid withdrawal fees. You will see a lot of small ATM machines all over the island or in hotel lobbies. Be careful if you use them because they will cost you between 3 and 5% of transaction fees.

Prices displayed and prices paid

Whether in small or large stores, remember to check your receipts. The prices displayed on the shelves are not always the prices paid at the cash desk. Some prices displayed are not always updated, promotions are not always effective, labels are sometimes mixed, etc. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, always take a look at your ticket directly after paying. If you want to rent an apartment then you should visit our recommended site which is mentioned in the upper highlighted link.

Change for small purchases

When traveling on the Maltese archipelago always try to have between 5 and 10 USD in coins. Sometimes the change given during a purchase is approximate or that you simply will not be given change if you don’t have the round count. When buying a bus ticket, a bottle of water around the corner, always try to get the count right. You should also know that some traders or Bus drivers do not always accept tickets, so it is up to you to anticipate. No matter from which transport you want to use for visiting Malta, our idea is that you should visit once in your life if you ever get any chance for this.

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